Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stay Out of It Ca$h Money

The pitching market is absolutely insane!! I'm begging Ca$h Money to stay out of this idiotic frenzy of spending. I wrote this over at Matsuzaka Watch today:

Think about these recent signings and where Matsuzaka sits in context.

1. Roy Oswalt (5 years, $73 million)
2. Chris Carpenter (5 years, $65 million)
3. Vincente Padilla (3 years, $34 million)
4. Gil Meche/Ted Lilly (asking 4 years, $40 million)
5. Adam Eaton (3 years, $24.5 million)

The rumors have been swirling that Boras is seeking 6 years and $12 million per season for Matsuzaka. That would seem to jive with this market. Boras is steadfast in his pitch that Matsuzaka is one of the top pitchers in the world, and should be paid as such. If established aces like Oswalt and Carpenter are getting $13-15 million per year, Matsuzaka should come in just below. Likewise, Vincente Padilla who is essentially an NL pitcher with a career ERA of 4.06, ERA+ of 106, and WHIP at 1.346 is getting $11+ million per. Will Boras allow Vincente Padilla to get more money than Daisuke? Fat chance. It stands to reason as well that he will be paid significantly more than Lilly and Meche, not to mention Adam Eaton. Those guys have no business in the same conversation as Matsuzaka.

What the Red Sox now face is the prospect of paying the posting fee and the contract, plus luxury tax factors, to the tune of 6 years and about $25 million per year. Ouch. I'm of the belief that he's going to earn as much of that money as anyone can be expected to earn, but that's a tough pill to swallow. It makes you wonder if Johan Santana is going to get $30 million a year in 2008, doesn't it. (Don't bother answering that, it's a rhetorical question.)

If you consider that money, you have to think about what the Yankees would be doing to buy a flashy guy this year. Sit back and think about these names:

1. Barry Zito (5 years, $90 million) - career ERA+ of 127
2. Jason Schmidt (5 years, $65 million) - career ERA+ of 110
3. Gil Meche (4 years, $40 million) - career ERA+ of 96
4. Ted Lilly (4 years, $40 million) - career ERA+ of 99

Let's consider the top 3 year periods for the following pitchers:

1. Pedro Martinez (3 years, $47 million) - career ERA+ of 160
2. Roger Clemens (3 years, $33 million) - career ERA+ of 144
3. Johan Santana (3 years, $15 million) - career ERA+ of 144
4. Randy Johnson (3 years, $47 million) - career ERA+ of 138
5. Roy Oswalt (3 years, $44 million) - career ERA+ of 143

Those 5 pitchers represent the 5 highest ERA+ in history among active players. You are telling me that Barry Zito is worth $18 million when compared to these Hall of Famers? You have to be on something if Gil Meche or Ted Lilly should be paid the same 3 year outlay that got Roger Clemens the last 3 seasons...


Anonymous said...


Lets vote for Wang and make sure he wins as well as other Yanks

Voting ends Dec 8

Anonymous said...


Nez said...

Please Cashman, I don't want Petite back in yankees uniform. Did you know New Drays pitching coach was former Astros coach Jim's Hickey? He's familiar with Petite since He coached him for three years.

Drays and Jim Hickey was so happy and jumping for joy when They heard that Petite are closing two year with the Yankees.

"Quote from Jim Hickey telling his Drays hitters what to expect from Petite and his reportiore
Okay fellas, Expect him to throw his cutter and curveball , changeup and fastball.

nez said...

My point is that Hickey's is familiar and knows where he throws his pitches in certain areas and percentages of a strikezone.

Drew said...


Victoria's Secret stunner Adriana Lima cozies up to Derek Jeter back stage at Fox and Friends.

Go Jeter. Your so lucky.

Jose said...

Angels are still interested acquiring arod.. Cashman don't Trade Arod. Colon for Arod? No thanks?

Rodriguez certainly would, but any deal could be complicated and would also command a high price tag in trade. The Yankees have expressed interest in both Ervin Santana and Scot Shields, two players that Stoneman has all but refused to trade. A deal for Rodriguez, though, would probably require yet another player, possibly Chone Figgins.

Another major snag to a deal is the Yankees themselves. General manager Brian Cashman has given no indications that he's ready to trade the two-time MVP, and Rodriguez, who has a full no-trade clause, has said he wants to remain in New York.

On the block? One player that could sweeten the deal for Rodriguez is Bartolo Colon. A baseball source said the Angels have begun to shop him around.


Mike Plugh said...

1. Who cares who Pettitte's pitching coach was, and where he is now. MLB scouting reports are so sophisticated that they probably make any coach/player relationship meaningless in this way. Not an issue.

2. No one is trading A-Rod. There are 2 reasons. First, he's the best 3rd baseman in the sport. Second, he has a full no trade clause and he intends to invoke it. End of story. For the love of God, stop following A-Rod trade rumors.

Al said...

Red Sox get Drew
Former Dodgers outfielder signs for five years, $70M


Yes Haha! Redsox front Office's what a joke. First They let go Damon last year as free agent and they go after Drew this year. I don't get it all

yankesinNd said...

1b - Youkilis vs. TBD

2b - Pedroia vs Cano

SS - Lugo vs Jeter

3b - Lowell vs. ARod

LF - Manny vs. Matsui

CF - Coco/Pena vs. Damon

RF - Drew vs. Abreu

c - Posada vs Varitek

DH - Ortiz vs. Giambi

Besides the Manny/Ortiz combo, I like our lineup just as well.


Bost: Schilling, DMat, Papelbon, Beckett, Wakefield/Clement

NYY: Mussina, Wong, Pettitte, RJ, Pavano/Igawa


NYY: Myers, Britton, Bruney, Proctor, Farnsworth, Mo, lhp TBD

Bost: Tavarez, Okajima, Delcarmen, Hansen, Timlin, TBD


Bost: Cora, Pena, Hinske, C TBD

NYY: Cabrera, IF TBD, C TBD

Andrew said...

December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Yankees will fight back and strikes against Redsox. The Yankees Will Rise again...

I Believed in Cashman and Go Yankees.

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