Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pit Smoked in Texas

Welcome Back Andy


George said...

Boras isn't invincible - Theo/LL/Henry company have already been through a far more intense (at least on this side of the Pacific Ocean) negotiation with the whole Slappy thing and they had the balls and foresight to pull the plug. Hindsight reveals that the Slappy decision was probably the right one, at least from a 2004 perspective. The Sox are in a much more powerful position in this case becasue of th posting/negotiating framework.

I've read that Matsuzaka can expect to earn ~$20M per year and Redsox are planning to add endorsments on contract clause top of his baseball salary. Endorsments deals?? A 5/65 deal is more than generous. If the Sox go higher than that then Matsuzuka better pitch like Pedro.

Ivan said...

Here's what PECOTA might predict for Matsuzaka...

29 29 187.3 188 52 167 19 4.01 35.8 5.6


Matsuzaka’s MORP is also impressive.

2007 $15,275,000
2008 $16,475,000
2009 $13,825,000
2010 $13,025,000
2011 $10,525,000

That works out to $69 million in market value over the next five years. If you wanted to throw in a sixth year, to account for Matsuzaka’s full contingent of pre-free agency major league service time, the total would come out in the neighborhood of $77-$78 million.


Mitchell said...


[b]They Don't Grow Many, Do They?[/b]
I was just wondering when was the last time that the Yankees had a 26-year old pitcher throw 200+ IP with at least 15 RSAA - like Worm Killer Wang did in 2006. So, I turned to the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia and did a sort from 1973:

Funny, it was almost a year ago here that I reflected on that 1992 season by Melido Perez.

In any event, there's a case to be made that Wang is the best home-grown starting pitcher for the Yankees since Andy Pettitte and Ron Guidry. And, he's probably the best right-handed SP developed by the Yankees since the days of Mel Stottlemyre, Stan Bahnsen and Jim Bouton.

You would think that there would have been more of these guys in the last 40-years or so?[/quote]

Eddie said...

Matsuzaka deal will get done by Yankees hater Ken Rosenthal

The other perception is that the Red Sox can walk away from Matsuzaka, sign free-agent right-hander Roger Clemens and live happily after.

Again, not so fast.

Boras and the Red Sox represent two of the most powerful forces in the sport — equally cunning, equally confident, equally brilliant.

But both sides had better be careful, or they could wind up ruining their respective reputations in Japan.

The staredown figures to continue until midnight Thursday, the deadline for Matsuzaka to sign with the Red Sox.

It's going to happen.


Eddie said...

Guess what Espn and Foxsports hates the Yankees so much... Recent Articles proves to me that Yankees haters are Olney and Rosenthal.

For Example When Deadline for Igawa's to be sign with Yankees. These Idiots writers will write stupid things about the Yankees should not Igawa.

- Igawa is #4-5 starter at best

_ He doesn't have stuff and fastball like Matsuzaka

- Why would Yankees sign Him, He's unproven pitcher like Dice-K?

His stuff will not translate in tough Al east

Ken said...

Billy Masse lands a job

Bill Masse is so familiar with Phil Hughes since He managed him in trenton I'm worried that He may gives and relayed some hints to Bluejays and gibbons how to handle Hughes.

James said...

Why Does Espn,foxsports and idiots like Lupica and Bondy hates the Yankees and loves the Redsox?

Is it because The Redsox never won the championship in 86 years and they're are lovable losers. The Yankees are labeled as "Evil Empire by "Lucifer" Lucchino. Why Does the City of boston and their fan wants to have all the championships in other major sports and greed.

The Celtics won 16 championships. Boston Bruins won 5 and Patriots won 3.

The Ny sports teams like the Jets have won 1 superbowl title since 1968. It's been 38 years . The New York rangers won stanley cup in 1994 coming off 54 years drought.How about the Knicks? They are worst run organization .

Why Does Redsox Fans and Yankees haters hates the yankees? Is it because The yankees payroll are so high who consists of mostly homegrowns who got overpaid like Jeter, Posada and Mariano .

Yankees are The only team in Ny that give me hope and happiness and Other sports teams such as Jets,Rangers and Knicks are awful and stinks. As a Yankees Fan I'm thankful that George spends the money to build a contender every year.Hopefully win the World Series .

AJ said...

It's now the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees!!


I don't like the new name and it's not very original.

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