Monday, December 04, 2006

Brave New World

The most laughable of laughable signings occurred at the end of the day yesterday. The Braves signed Tanyon Sturtze to a one year $750,000 contract. Funny, they should asked the Mets to pay his salary because that's who the acquisition is going to help most. Good luck with that one Bravos. Think about this....

The Braves just gave a 36 year old pitcher with a career 5.21 ERA, 87 ERA+, and 1.531 WHIP, coming off arm surgery, a Major League contract. Just so that sinks in a little more, let's look at it year by year, beginning in his first full season in the bigs:

2000 - 4.74 ERA, 105 ERA+, 1.478 WHIP
2001 - 4.42 ERA, 101 ERA+, 1.428 WHIP
2002 - 5.18 ERA, 86 ERA+, 1.607 WHIP
2003 - 5.94 ERA, 79 ERA+, 1.679 WHIP
2004 - 5.47 ERA, 82 ERA+, 1.397 WHIP
2005 - 4.73 ERA, 94 ERA+, 1.321 WHIP
2006 - 7.59 ERA, 58 ERA+, 2.156 WHIP

Did I mention that he's 36? Did you notice that he has been so far below league average for the last 5 seasons that he probably had no business even being in the sport? Again, good luck with that one Atlanta. To commemorate the fact that this signing guarantees that he'll never throw a pitch again for the Bombers, I'd like to present you with a little COH trip down memory lane with Tanyon Sturtze:

Sturtze, Box Full of ERA in Tow

Sturtze, Abu Ghraib Reenactment

Sturtze, Something Stinks.....
Oh That Would Be Me

Sturtze, The Original Tribute

Sturtze, Yankee Blue Cheese

There you have it. The end of an era folks. Or, should I say the end of an ERA. Goodbye, and good riddance. I'll send you the bill for my therapist TS.


Jimbo said...

Here's My Plan next year after 2007 season.

Vernon Wells will be a free agent after 2007 season. I would move Damon to left and play him in center. I always admired Vernon Wells. He had always had a great arm and glove in the outfield.

Rj who will be a free agent after next year. Rj's Salary who's $17 million will coming off the books. Yankees could signed wells to that salary.

Another option will be Signing Mark Texiera next year. He's also will be free agent after 2007 . He could replaced Giambi's and played him at first/Dh.

I'm Sorry for thinking ahead next year.

Jamie said...

I hope the Yanks don't splurge into this shitty free agent class and go all out next year, much to what jimbo suggested. I don't see the need to sign both but getting younger with Tex and Wells would be awesome, considering Jete and Rods are going to be approaching the middle part of their 30s soon enough.
The issue needs to be addressed that our minor league system, while it has been awesome with pitchers recently, doesn't have much talent with position players. Hopefully Ca$h money addresses this in either trading for prospects or drafting position ones in the next draft.

Chyll Will said...

I knew it. Pavanope ate the blue cheese. That explains everything.

Al said...

I hate Damn Redsox. Red means Evilsort of way They are stealing spotlight away from the Yankees. Redsox Also Copy Yankees does and success.

For Example, Jeter's was named The Captain. Look, They copy The Yankees, Redsox named Varitek as their captain as well. Varitek's who spent fours years in minors of seattle mariners until He was traded to Redsox along with Derek Lowe. Why Does Varitek deserved to be captain of Redsox, He considred a true homegrown like Jeter's. Trot Nixon's as true redsox, and should be the captain not Varitek.

Second Wang's had great numbers this year, He's yankees homegrown who spent fours years in yankees minor league. I think Redsox was enamored and jealous of Wang's success this year. They to entered Asian market like the yankees and Win The Bid for Matsuzaka's rights.

Anonymous said...

I kind of feel bad to see Tanyon go, but as has been stated, he was never really all that good. Still, I'm a sentimental lad, and so I will pretend to wipe away one, solitary tear in tribute.

Anonymous said...'s Jennifer Royle is in Orlando, Fla., with the latest buzz from Baseball's Winter Meetings.

"It's going to be a quiet week," said Cashman, who seems to be leaning on using a minor-league prospect as his No. 5 starter.

"Cashman said He plans to look within and at 29-year-old Wil Nieves as Jorge Posada's backup"

Our last two backup catchers have hit under .200, so I have no problem promoting Wil," Cashman said.

source -yesnetwork

Anonymous said...

[b]Brian Cashman was wearing jeans, white sneakers, a yellow Winged Foot golf shirt and holding a football when he welcomed us into his suite. The football, he said, came from his office. He likes tossing it around as he thinks. Cashman also had a Bose Sound Dock set up so he could play his iPod Nano. "My hip-hop music is here," he said.

As for what is happening with the Yankees:


* There will be a meeting tomorrow with Arn Tellem to start negotiations for Kei Igawa.

* No decision has been made on Bernie Williams. Cashman has spoken twice with Bernie and twice with Scott Boras. Once they see what the rest of the roster is like, they'll see if he fits in.

* A lot of teams have asked about Humberto Sanchez, Chris Britton and Melky Cabrera.

* He said teams still try and pry Phil Hughes away. No chance.

* "A few stragglers" still ask about Alex Rodriguez. Not happening.

* The rest of the coaching staff is returning.

* He praised the work of Ron Villone but said there have been no contract talks. Sounds like the Yankees want to keep him.

* As for Miguel Cairo, "I have a need for a utility player."

* Cashman said he wants the payroll lower than it was last season. He said in the past they might have jumped at one of the free-agent starters on the market now. "Life and learn," he said.

* He said no signings were imminent. "I'm patient but I'll be more aggressive if something makes sense," Cashman said.

* About trades: Cashman said his style is throw a bunch of different ideas out there and see if anything sticks. It sounds like he's willing to talk to anybody about almost anything. But he is comfortable with the roster as it stands and wants to keep the young players so the roster can remain flexible.[/b]

Andy said...

Foxsports Dayn Perry <--- A Yankees Hater who Thinks that

Andy Pettitte to the Rangers ; Craig Wilson and Todd Walker to the Yankees.

Are you kidding me? I don't want garbage players and rethread like Wilson and Walker. No thanks....

Jan said...

On Wfan Sweeny Murti just said the Yankees are going after Brad Penny. are you figin kidding me. This whole front office is so clueless it isent funny. This guy has a bad elbow. They rather have this guy over Zito, Schmidt, and Lilly or Pettitte unbelievable....

Anonymous said...

Er, Jan? Don't believe everything you hear on WFAN. They compete with YES and ESPN, plus they had a heated back-and-forth with Cashman at the trading deadline, so they're bound to say something just to tick off Yankees and their fans. It's personal, yet it's business. Pay it no mind.

Anonymous said...

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