Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gourriel Watch

Yes, another one.....


Anonymous said...

I have recently seen comments from people who say basically that if 2 of our propects turn out to be viable starters in the majors we should think that that is par for the course. The proponents of this idea are missing a very important point. Seldom in baseball does a farm system have a crop of starting prospects this deep and talented. Hughes, Clippard, Sanchez, Karstens, Rasner, and Steven White are all at least semi proven in the higher minors, and are a good bet to be at least servicable pitchers. Not that all will be aces, that won't happen, but at least two will propably pitch servicably in the majors. Rasner and Karstens have already made the majors and were not bad while there. This is only at the AAA level.

At AA we have Marquez, and Wright (not Jaret, although he wouldn't be out of place pitching 5 innings a day). Marquez in particular has talent.

At A+ we will have Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain. They profile as at least #3 with Joba a bona fide #1.

At A we are stacked with Betances, McAllister, Norton, Kontos, and Angel Reyes.

Not all will be big leaguers, we know, that but it is not impossible that by 2010 we could have 4 pitchers from the farm in our rotation. Not all will make it, but Wang is already there and ther could be many more to follow.

Mike Plugh said...

Thanks b/c.

That's the beauty of our plan. If we play our cards right. We can be under the soft cap in a year or two, and still have top flight talent on our team. Cashman got this under control just in time. All our regular players are entering the twilight of their careers, and we'll need to start thinking about replacing them in the not too distant future. By developing tons of our own guys, we pay minor league contracts and then position ourselves to outspend everyone on the Santana's of the world.

Anonymous said...

My point exactly. Instead of using our financial superiority to outspend others on free agants, we should use it on player developement and drafting. to wit the new facility in the DR. The products of our new drafting approach are already arriving in the form of Betances and Melancon. BA projected Bettances to go in the top five and we got him in the eighth round. Tabata was signed out of the DR, and those signings could amount to almost an entire new draft for us. The future looks good. Can you imagine a 09 rotation of Santana, Hughes, Wang, Joba, and Betances? Can I say that an average ERA of 3.50 is not way off for that group? If we play this right we could dominate for the next 10 years.

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