Tuesday, December 05, 2006


NoMaas has been calling Brian Cashman "Cash Money" for some time now. We've all adopted it in our commentary, and it's about as good a nickname as their is anywhere. I plan to keep referring to him as Ca$h Money, in general, but I like something that Bronx Banter regular "dimelo" said about him, with regards to his position at this year's winter meetings. He likened his laid back approach to Keyser Soze, and I've decided that "Keyser Soze" will be Cashman's Wu Tang alias around COH. Brian "Ca$h Money" Cashman, aka Keyser Soze. C.R.E.A.M. is my new motto.

It looks like we may see Big Andy back in the Bronx. At least early reports from the winter meetings would suggest that it's moving in that direction. I imagine it will happen, and would pencil Pettitte into the Yankees starting rotation at this point. Not yet ready for ink, but pencil seems a healthy move at this point for Yankee fans.

I love Andy Pettitte. I never thought the Yankees should have let him go in the first place. I know the money was a bit scary with the elbow issues he'd been experiencing, but it's also important to remember that he was a left handed pitcher with extensive postseason experience...and not only experience, but success. Andy was turning 32 when he left the Bronx, which is a period of decline for pitchers, and probably factored into the Bombers' decision to let him walk. The thing is, and this is something we've all come to understand since that time, a guy who can perform in the postseason is a rare breed. I'm not trying to suggest that some guys can will themselves to higher performances in the spotlight of the playoffs, I have no evidence to suggest that such a thing exists, but it is noteworthy that Jeter is not a legend because he suddenly puts up a 1.100 OPS in postseason play, but rather that he maintains his high level of play regardless of the stage. He is consistent. So is Pettitte.

In 24 postseason series, Andy Pettitte is 14-9(.609) with a 4.08 ERA, and a 1.349 WHIP. In his regular season career, he posts a .641 winning percentage, 3.81 ERA, and an identical 1.349 WHIP. Andy is loved for the times he stepped up huge when the Yankees needed him. He won a ridiculous battle with John Smoltz in the 1996 World Series that ended 1-0 in the Yankees' favor. That was the big day for him. If you look at his numbers, as I did recently when projecting Kei Igawa, you'll see that he wasn't a lights out, no brainer, ace. Andy Pettitte's reputation is FAR bigger than his ability, or his performance in pinstripes. Bringing him back in 2007 is the right thing to do, but we shouldn't expect him to be Roger Clemens or even Mike Mussina.

As a Yankee, Andy Pettitte produced the following records, ERAs, ERA+s, and WHIPs:

1995 12-9, 4.17 ERA, 110 ERA+, 1.406 WHIP
1996 21-8, 3.87 ERA, 131 ERA+, 1.362 WHIP
1997 18-7, 2.88 ERA, 154 ERA+, 1.240 WHIP
1998 16-11, 4.24 ERA, 105 ERA+, 1.447 WHIP
1999 14-11, 4.70 ERA, 95 ERA+, 1.591 WHIP
2000 19-9, 4.35 ERA, 116 ERA+, 1.461 WHIP
2001 15-10, 3.99 ERA, 112 ERA+, 1.321 WHIP
2002 13-5, 3.27 ERA, 134 ERA+, 1.307 WHIP (147 IP)
2003 21-8, 4.02 ERA, 109 ERA+, 1.330 WHIP

Those are decent numbers, but they aren't numbers that knock your socks off. What it shows you is how many games an above average pitcher can win with the Yankees' offense behind him. If you put up a 110 ERA+ you can win 15-20 games. If you put up a 120 or more, you can easily win 20....ask Chien Min Wang (19 wins, 123 ERA+). If the Yankees sign Pettitte to pitch at the ages of 35 and 36, it's for two fundamental reasons.

1. He's good enough to win 15-20 games in the heat of a serious AL East pennant race.
2. He's not going to crap out in the playoffs like other guys on the team.

Those are the key beliefs that the Yankees will be running with if and when they sign Andy Pettitte. What that signing will do is complete a rotation of guys who don't throw very hard, rely on offspeed pitches and control, and triple up on lefties for Yankee Stadium. What you're hoping for is continued performance by Wang and Mussina, at around a 120 ERA+, and a pair of guys in Pettitte and Igawa that should put up similar numbers from the left side. You hope that Randy Johnson is the Unit of 2005, with a 117 ERA+ and a 17 win season. Pavano should be traded for rosin bags.

The lack of a hard thrower is somewhat offset by the bullpen. If teams get used to seeing 88-92 MPH fastballs, and wait on the breaking ball, they'll have to face Bruney, Farnsworth, and Mariano among others. That may be the only saving grace. I'd love to find a hard throwing young pitcher to add into the mix....Hmmmm. Phil Hughes throws 93-95, with the occasional 97 on the gun. Maybe we get to see him after the All-Star Break. In the meantime, our rotation would be Wang, Mussina, Pettitte, Johnson, and Igawa. I like that, and I'd be happy to go with that as my infantry.


Gregg said...


While the Yankees aren't going to give up Chien-Ming Wang or Phil Hughes for Sexson, a package headed by Melky Cabrera could entice the Mariners if they are willing to eat some of Sexson's money. If they don't pay part of the money, they can't expect much back.

Not sure about this move, Sexson is a whiff king and I'm not sure about his defensive abilities. I definitely wouldn't give up Cabrera for him. The remainder of his deal isn't bad though, 2 years/$28 million. Might be worth a shot if you can get him cheap and just take on the salary I guess.

Please Mr.Cashman , Don't trade for Sexson. This guy strikesout too much and has low obp.

I hope the Yankees go for Zuleta rather than Cancers Like Hillebrand and Sexson.

Josh said...

Yankees raises prices and Trimmed payroll, Welcome to the Steve Swindell era.Goodbye George....

1st Priority - make lots of money and revenue

2nd Priority - Sign Free Agents and Make the playoffs every year

BOSS- George - Where have you gone? Are you sick?

Reilly said...

1) JD Drew -- Worth 70 Mil? Probably not. A Red Sox need? Yes they needed a right fielder. Does it affect the Yankees? Not particularly. Drew is a slight upgrade over Nixon and he has a hard time staying healthy a full season. Is there 3 - 4 - 5 better? Of course! Ortiz - Manny - Drew is very good. But realize we do have an offense as well Abreu - Rodriguez - Giambi. So don't worry so much about JD Drew.

2) Julio Lugo -- Worth 40 Mil? Again Probably not. Another Red Sox need? Yes they need a Shortstop. Does it effect the Yankees? Maybe? Who knows? However last year in 121 games he batted .278 12 HR 36 RBI and 24SB with a .325 OBP. I wouldn't start trembling with fear. He's going to steal bases. He will hit. But he really is an average player. Again Breath

3) Daisuke Matzusaka -- Worth what he will get? Maybe. A Red Sox need? Look at the bid, what do you think? Does it effect the Yankees? No one knows yet. The truth is we have no idea how Matzusaka will be let alone Igawa who we have. However we do know that Schilling is older and wasn't that effective at times last yr. Beckett gives up a ton of homeruns. Wakefield is coming off being hurt for a year and Papelbon shut it down after 65 innings last year b/c of arm problems and now will be a starter. So the Red Sox pitching is very very enigmatic.

4) There a Rumor Sawx may sign Gagne but He's still not a redsox. If he succeeds there that is a great signing. He is a tremendous closer. So was Papelbon last year. We have a lineup very few pitchers really can get around. We'll see what happens.

The point I'm making friend is that these moves helped fill needs for the Red Sox. These moves however in no way make this team better then the Yankees. We won our division last year. We will win it agian this year. The Red Sox improved. But how much will 4 players really improve a team that finished in 3rd place. Their pen is still very much in shambles. Their bench is as good as ours. Their lineup is good, not as great as it once was. Their SP is more questionable then ours. The Yankees do not need to make knee jerk reactions. We aren't thinking hey the Red Sox made a move we have to now to. Instead Cash is thinking how he will improve the Yankees. Not how to effect the Red Sox. Have a little faith in what our team looks like. Truthfully we are not in that bad of shape.

Jan said...

If the Redsox signed Injury prone J.D Drew to ludicrous contract? Why not the Yankees pursue and sign Bonds to a one year deal? There's no risk involved. Bonds could protect Arod's Behind like J.D Drew bats behind Manny. Bonds had .400 obp percentage on his career and walk ratio. Unlike Sheff's who stinks playoffs while Bonds had 7 homeruns.

David said...

For the First time - Mlb Draft will be televised for First time next year. Who will be Mel Kiper's of baseball?


"For the first time, the June draft is scheduled to be televised, with either ESPN or TBS likely as the host, said a person who was part of meetings on the matter. The plan is to televise the first and second rounds, and the sandwich round in between."


"As they continue to redo their scouting department, the Yanks have hired long-time executives Donny Rowand to be their national cross-checker and Kendall Carter to serve in a significant capacity. Rick Williams, the son of Di/ck Williams, was hired away from the Devil Rays, where he had been a special assistant in the scouting department. The Yanks also gave Gordon Blakeley a two-year contract extension. Long-time major leaguer Greg Colbrunn was hired to be the hitting coach at Low-A ... "


Jerome said...

[b]Mets to meet with A's, seek Harden[/b]


[b][quote]LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The Mets are expected to meet with Oakland today about acquiring right-hander Rich Harden or possibly another of the A's top starting pitchers, SI.com has learned.

A's GM Billy Beane is due to arrive here Wednesday night. The Mets are seeking to add a No. 1 pitcher, possibly free-agent Barry Zito, but there have been five or six trade options discussed as well, including with Oakland.

Harden was limited to 46 2/3 innings last year because of an elbow injury and a muscle strain in his back. In 2005, he went 10-5 with a 2.53 ERA and 121 strikeouts in 128 innings. He struck out 167 batters in 189 2/3 innings in 2004 while winning 11 games.

The A's sought a package of Aaron Heilman and Lastings Milledge at the trade deadline last season when the Mets inquired about Zito. The A's believe Heilman can be a starting pitcher, though the Mets view him strictly as a reliever because he features only two pitches, fastball and changeup. There is a mix of opinions regarding Milledge within the Mets organization, although other teams say the asking price has been high when they have inquired about his availability.

Padres ace Jake Peavy is another top starter who could be of interest to the Mets.[/quote][/b]

Why would Billy Beane trade Harden who is young and has cy young stuff?

Craig said...

Yankees Lineup vs Redsox Lineup

Damon Coco

Jeter Lugo

Abreu Ortiz

AROD Manny

GiambiĆ¼ Drew

Matsui Varitek

Posada Lowell

Cano Cora

Phillips Youkilis

The Yankees starting pitching rotation is still question mark. The Yankees lineup is excellent, the Sox lineup is now much improved if Manny is not dealt. The difference has been and WILL ALWAYS BE the pitching.

Last season, the Yankees pitching was better. If the Sox sign D-Mat, get a couple BP guys, they will be improved in that area. The question mark there is a closer.

A Boston rotation of D-Mat, Schilling, Beckett, Pappelbon, and Wakefield is a pretty good rotation vs. Mussina, Wang, Johnson, Wright and .......

Yanks possess Rivera. That is the key difference.

Besides, it's the team that makes the best moves at the break, where the Yankees have been the victor's more times than not.

Garrett said...

Growing dissent over CBA
By Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports
December 5, 2006

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. Less than six weeks after baseball's owners and players' union agreed to a new five-year labor contract, signs of dissent are coming from top executives concerned with rocketing salaries.

"I'm already lamenting it," Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday at baseball's winter meetings.

Reinsdorf's fears center not only on his own team's ability to compete, but that of low-revenue teams to sign free agents, a problem echoed by executives in similar situations.

The agreement, unanimously approved by the owners, guarantees labor peace until 2011, assuring baseball 16 years of uninterrupted play, the most since 1972. In announcing the contract, commissioner Bud Selig and union head Donald Fehr painted a rosy picture, claiming baseball made $5.2 billion in revenue last season and that the game's booming economics led to negotiations with minimal contention.

"They still have problems," said Reinsdorf, a close friend and ally of Selig's. "Revenue sharing has helped somewhat, but not enough. We need a system of salary restraint. Until there's a system of salary restraint, the players are going to get all incremental revenue."

"I have an argument about what is market value," Melvin said. "Just because somebody gives somebody something it's a bad argument for me that that's market value. 'Well, that's what Adam Eaton got in the open market.' (Three years, $24.5 million.) That's what the Phillies wanted to pay him. It doesn't mean the other 29 teams wanted to pay him that."

In an ideal world, sure.

"I'm OK with it," Devil Rays manager Joe Maddon said. "I really am. I find it interesting. I find it a great challenge."

And, without skipping a beat, he said: "I know I'm crazy."


And for the record, (as most of us know) George was the only owner to vote against it.[/quote]

Fred said...

The Yankees can't win in both ways?

The Yankees spend and buy players - Yankees haters will say They are trying to win and buying a pennant. When Yankees lose, Haters will say they aren't good enough and doesn't have enough pitching.

This Year when Yankees and Cashman are being patient this offseason. Yankees fans are screaming that They are cheap and put the blame on George.

Anonymous said...

Andy Pettitte belongs in New York. And just for the record, my one dream in life is to kiss Andy before I die. If he comes back to New York, I have a shot.

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