Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Boras Relieved? Matsuzaka to Take Offer?

UPDATE: This from Rotoworld (for what that's worth).

"The Boston Herald reports that the Red Sox's latest offer to Daisuke Matsuzaka is for six years and a total of $48 million, while Matsuzaka is asking for $66 million over six years."

Asahi Television's evening news was just reporting on the big story, and had a man on the street in LA covering the wee morning beat on the Matsuzaka front. The LA reporter indicated that the Red Sox had in fact increased their offer, Boras seemed relieved, and the decision was now up to Matsuzaka about what he wants to do.

If all of that is true, and I read the tone of the report correctly, they believe that Daisuke is going to take the money. That said, I think no one knows. It's still all speculation.

Just thought I'd report that from Japan.


Bill said...

It's Over the Redsox will be in first place next year.

"The Monster" Matsuzaka has arrived in Boston

"The End of the World is Near"

Jerome said...

This Boston Team and Redsox fans will be cocky once again because they landed Biggest prize and number #1 pitcher in the world . Ortiz and Manny will be dancing and do their thing to kill the Yankees pitching all over again.

Boston Pitchers will hit the Yankees batters since Pedro left. This Redsox team will be be Rejuvanated by recent signings offseason.

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