Friday, December 08, 2006

I Hate Mike Lupica

Leave it to the most rambling, thick-headed, whiny, sawed-off hack in all of New York sports reporting to throw water on the Yankees pursuit of Andy Pettitte. I'm not even going to get into what he says, because it's so infuriatingly anti-Yankee it's hard to even think about it without also imagining poking him in the eyes Three Stooges style.

Part of what Lupica says is true. Pettitte isn't a great big savior that's going to swoop in and make everything right again. The thing is, he takes a bunch of pot shots at Cashman, and paints Pettitte as "a big ol' money grubbing millionaire like the rest of 'em." He loves to take that holier than thou tack against athletes, especially if they're affiliated with any of the New York teams.

I secretly think Lupica is fueled by hatred of anything New York, and dreams of scenes from Deep Impact and Armaggedon when New York is destroyed by asteroids and tidal waves.

Anyway, if you ever run into Mike Lupica on the street, give him your best New York "hello." You know the one. It starts with the middle finger and ends with a good swift kick in the ass.

From this day forward, Canyon of Heroes and Mike Lupica are officially at war. I can't take it anymore.


Anonymous said...

Mike Lupica does nothing but continually bash every move the Yanks do, it's amazing how he just doesn't call his section in the paper... "WHY THE YANKEES AREN'T A GOOD TEAM"

anyway, check out my blog!

I have enjoyed this and the MatsWatch blogs for some time.

Jerome said...

Hey Mike Can you compares Both Yankees and Redsox .Obp and .Ops?

Which of these two teams has better average as in Obp?


Juke of Url said...

I swear once upon a time, Lupica liked the NYY. I even think I heard him turn one day on air w/Imus, I can't recall what happened. He has been insufferable since. The thing that really grinds me is the edress link on his Daily News (web)column is not a real email address.

But he's nothing compared to the sports network airwaves riddled with illiterate Yankee hating hosts. It would be fun to see what would happen if all the NYY revenue $ were removed from MLB for just one year. Let the Rat Sox pick up that slack. . . yeah good luck.

Anonymous said...

I think Don Imus said it best several years back: "Mike Lupica is the miniature anti-Christ."

Dan Nuxoll said...

Lupica is just trying to sell papers. He is a cynical little runt, but I don't believe that he is nearly as stupid as his comments make him appear. The truth of it is that no one would would have much of a reaction if Lupica had written an article in which he clamly broke down Pettite's performance last year and showed statistically why the Yankees are better off saving the money and letting Rasner and Karsten compete for the 5th spot until Hughes and Sanchez are ready in August (which would be a reasonable point to make). But he writes some loud-mouthed whiny crap and about the Yankees (who have so far shown extraordinary restraint this offseason) throwing money around and everyone in the sports blogosphere is writing about it, reading about it and linking to it. He is an ass, but he knows what gets attention and that is why he gets paid more money than all of the more sensible sports writers out there. It's fun to hate him, and I applaud anyone who will go to war with him, but I try to maintain my sanity by refusing to take him seriously.

Jay said... just released their list of the top 50 prospects. Hughes is 4 and Tabata is 23

Why Homer's Bailey is rank Higher than Phil Hughes? Hughes is better than him.

C.Y said...

The Yankees are willing to give Shea Hillenbrand $5 million on a one-year deal but Hillenbrand reportedly has two-year options elsewhere. Maybe the Yankees should ditch their idea to get a righthanded hitter for first base and try to reacquire Nick Johnson. Just an idea: How about Humberto Sanchez for Johnson?

Yankeesfan said...

This is another reason I hate the Red Sox, they called us the Evil Empire, most MLB people believe the Red Sox are earning that title more, the Dodgers will probably file a complaint to the Red Sox for the whole J.D Drew situation and Bug Selig better do something about this bidding system with the Matsuzaka situation, if the Red Sox used this bidding to block D-Mat to go to the Yankees, there's going to be alot of trouble, he would have to return to Japan and that would send a bad message to MLB and Japan as well sending back a high price player who wants to go for his Major League career. I find it so hard to believe the Red Sox have more money to sign a deal for Matsuzaka, think about it, 70 million for Drew, 36 to 39 million Lugo with an option and 51 million on the Matsuzaka bid as well negotating a contract.

ChrisV82 said...

Mike Lupica was New England born and bred. All the little shits from Boston and the surrounding areas have infiltrated the New York press (see: New York Times). Look, you get work where you can get work, but if you can't hide your bias than you don't deserve to be in journalism (or you should work for Fox News). I could give fair, non-biases coverage of Boston teams if I was employed by a Boston area paper; I don't see why other people can't do the same with New York.

Jason said...

b]Kazmir continues to rehab injured left shoulder[/b]

[quote]TAMPA, Fla. -- Devil Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir expects to be ready for spring training after missing most of the second half last season because of an injured left shoulder.

"There's no doubt I'll be ready," Kazmir said Friday at a toy collection drive. "My shoulder feels great. It's 100 percent."

Wang vs Kazmir in Opening Day Yankee stadium. Can't wait

Petite - Fossum Game 2

Mussina - Shields - Game 3

Yankees vs Orioles at Camden Yards
Rj vs Wright -

Pavano/Igawa vs Loewen

Rich Rodriguez said...

Wang is one of the most overrated pitchers in the league...his batting average against last year was .277, not exactly dominant, as are his 76 K's in 218 innings. If you take away what he did against Toronto, Tampa Bay and Seattle last year (and both TB and SEA absolutely sucked), then he was just a mediocre pitcher. The guy is a sham, and totally dependant on getting huge run support and having guys swing at pitches that they can't drive (his sinker).

JBG said...

34 years old with an injury history. Coming off a 4.20 ERA in the NL, with a career 3.81 ERA - he gets $16MM.

Zito is 28. He's coming off a year in which he had a 3.83 ERA in the AL. He has a career 3.55 ERA (all in the AL), and he's pitched over 200 inning for every one of the last six years. What's he worth?

I would rather invest that money on Zito than Petite.

J.A said...

My Predictions for Yankees rotation in Win and Losses 2007?

Wang - He won 19 games and second in cy young young in 2006 . The Al east improved dramatically . Wang's will not repeat his success from winning 19 games last year. I think He will win between 13-14 games and 4.25 era

Pettite -
"Welcome back Andy" The Yankees pitching legend has return. My predictions will be 15-7 with era 4.35

16-7 and 3.67 era

RJ- 17-9 5.00 era

Pavano/Igawa - 15-10 and era with 4.48

Sean J. said...

Really happy about getting Andy back. Few points:

1) Yeah, JBG, $16 million is a lot for a 34 year old NL pitcher with a 4ish ERA. But we still know Andy has pitched in big spots in pinstripes. Sometimes well and sometimes not so well. But let me say this, of the available FA pitchers, who would you rather pitch game 4 of the 2006 ALDS? He's certainly an upgrade from Wright. Zito may be a better choice if he wanted to sign a two year $39 million contract but with him you get no versatility and hes anything but a sure thing. Avoid a new Pavano at all costs.

2) J.A. I agree with you that Wang is overrated. His performance this year was well above what he should be doing considering his k/9 and his BAA. However, I always thought he could become a monster pitcher if he could come up with another decent pitch because he gets to 0-2 counts so easily before hitters lay off. Maybe Gator can do something with him.

3)C.Y. I don't think trading Sanchez is a good idea considering his upside. If he shows any promise he would be ridiculous trade bate next year at the deadline.

4) I'm not hearing anyone talk about this so I was wondering if any of you had opinions about a possible trade around Melky Cabrera for Richie Sexson. Good bat but not a great glove at first. I could go either way on it. Any thoughts?

Jay said...

True or False
Joe Torre's clueless and mismanaged the Bullpen?

Paul Quantrill who was overworked by Joe torre. It cost them winning the Alcs in 2004 and going to winning world series. I remembered that Day when Ortiz hits game winning homerun against Quantrill. I still had nightmares and flashback from that series.

True or False

Besides, Starting pitching, clutch timely hitting and defense. An important key in winning the playoffs is the bullpen

True or False

Yankees will break the record in 2007 for 1000 runs in a season ?

True or False
Yankees will score more 5.5 runs per game next year?

True or False

Mariano and Proctor is only reliable guys you can put in pen and they're workhorses?

Predicts how many starts will Pavano will make in 07 and wins?

Charlie said...

Yankees Rotation vs Boston



I hope Cashman sign one more pitcher for insurance policy.

Suppan, Mulder and Batista. I'm will be happy if CashMoney sign three of these pitchers.

Charlie said...

No, but Rj questionable coming from back surgery and Carla Pavano is always hurt and stealing cash from Yankees.

Mussina's coming off hamstring injuries and blowing lead in alds

Right Now I would say The Yankees rotation is still question mark.

Mike Plugh said...


Matsuzaka is no guarantee for Boston, and, as for the Yankees, there is zero reason to sign any of the overpriced and league average pitchers on the market. We have Phil Hughes ready to come up to the Bronx after the All Star Break if need be. We also have plenty of low cost league average pitchers in our minor league system now. The days when the Yankees dip into the free agent pitching market for anything other than a #1 or #2 are finished.

jake said...

Lupica is a hack.

Linz Harmonica Co. said...

At 'war with Lupica'?

Please don't waste one pixel on that idiot. That's exactly what he wants — to be 'relevant', and that horse left the barn a long time ago.

The only thing more boring than reading Lupica is reading someone ripping him for his blind hate of all thinks Yankees. Ignore him. COH has great promise. Keep building on what you've been doing.

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