Friday, October 13, 2006

Tell 'em Large Kenny Sent'ya

These Tigers are showing why they were the best team in baseball for all but the last month and a half. Somehow they mauled the Yankees' All World lineup 3 straight, and have duplicated the feat against a hapless Oakland Athletics team that looked to be in strong form entering the series.

From a Yankee fan's perspective, you have to believe the Tigers are going to win it all. Why? Because the Yankees have lost to the eventual World Series champion every season since 2001, with the notable exception of last year. It seems that teams who beat us keep it going and take home the hardware.

2001 Arizona Diamondbacks (beat Yanks in WS)
2002 Anaheim Angels (beat Yanks in ALDS)
2003 Florida Marlins (beat Yanks in WS)
2004 Boston Red Sox (beat Yanks in ALCS - ouch)
2005 Chicago White Sox (beat Boston in ALDS, Yanks lost to Anaheim in ALDS)
2006 Detroit Tigers? (beat Yanks in ALDS)

Small consolation to be the king-maker every year. It's out there though. Think Kenny Rogers is amped? 15 consecutive scoreless innings in the playoffs is nutty. If they win it all, and he pitches well in the World Series, he'll be the MVP of the postseason. Watch. How ya like me now Yankee fans? (Not much.)

Final note, Cashman just let go two scouts. Wade Taylor and Chuck Cottier were given their walking papers. This is not at all a surprise, as both men were demoted a while back and speculation has been that they would no longer be with the organization sometime in the offseason. Not sure what to make of all this, except that Oppenheimer and company seem to be slowly extricating the Stick Michael people from the organization. Both men were Stick's top assistants. I don't know how this affects Gene Michael, but it can't be good....