Thursday, October 05, 2006

Storm on the Horizon

You can delay. You can postpone. But you can't escape the inevitable.
Mussina vs. Verlander: There Can Be Only One


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Mike.

Simone from Bronx Banter

Anonymous said...

Mike I don't know if you respond to comments, but yopu should know that your blog is really great. So much so that i am beggining to take your opinions over that of the talking heads on ESPN and FOX. Just a question, how do you manage those marvelous illustrations.

Mike Plugh said...

Thanks. I try to keep up with the comments as best I can.

I appreciate the support. This is a lot of fun. I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and a demented sense of humor. One of them cost me $150 bucks a couple years back...but....I can't....remember..which....

Anyway, thanks again!

mars2001 said...

What a game... I was as nervous as Todd Jones for most of it... solid effort by the Tigers - they head back to Detroit to close it out in four... *pinching myself....* it could happen...

ChrisV82 said...

I wonder if Connor MacLeod does crossword puzzles, too?

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