Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yup. I had a vote for Key and a vote for Pettitte, but I went with Wade Boggs. Talk about throwing you a knuckleball.

In a game against Anaheim on August 19, 1997, Wade Boggs threw 16 knuckleballs and one fastball in retiring the side for a single shutout inning. He recorded 1 walk and 1 strikeout in that inning. He was so good that he posted an ERA+ of infinity in 1997, before tarnishing his record by pitching a second outing for Tampa later in his career, going an inning and a third with 3 hits, a strikeout and an earned run.

Ah, the glory days. Who will show up at COH tomorrow? Only "The Shadow" knows....


Anonymous said...

My vote is for pettitte the only true starter the yankees have produced in years

rbj said...

Yeah, but Tampa Bay doesn't count. Wade still gets to wear white.

rbizzler said...

I remember that game as I was watching it with my Pops who fell asleep on the couch. When he woke up much later he asked who was pitching, so I told him Wade was on the hill. He looked at me like I had raided the liquor cabinet while he was asleep(i was young at the time) until he realized it was indeed Mr. Boggs with the ball.

Jamie said...

You gotta go with Grame Lloyd. I was at the game when Benitez hit Tino and I was in the left field stands witnessing Lloyds huge frame sprinting in from the bullpen to rip someones head off.
Oh and D-Straw gettin' in on the action was classic.

mehmattski said...

I'm more in the mood for a rundown of pre-glory days players. Matt Nokes. Alvaro Espinoza. Greg Cadaret. Dave Eiland. Steve Balboni. Pat Kelly. Mel Hall.

Those were the days.

baileywalk said...

I was checking out that game on Retrosheet.

Wells got KILLED (11 ER in 3 innings). Lloyd saved the team from total humiliation (4 IP, 1 ER). And then Boggs came in. Todd Greene was the batter who struck out against Boggs. I'm sure he wishes he could strike that from the record.

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