Friday, June 02, 2006

Yankee Notes: June 3rd, 2006

Oh, Captain, my Captain. Thanks to Derek Jeter's timely hitting (which means 3 out of 4 at bats) the Yankees were able to turn another bullpen flameout into a well earned victory, 6-5. With a lineup missing Matsui, Sheffield, A-Rod, and Posada the Yankees threw out Cabrera, Williams, Cairo, Phillips, and Stinnett to take on the O's. With Jaret Wright on the mound, you'd have to call the Yankees' chances 50/50 at best to win the game. That may be kind.

While Williams, Cairo, and Stinnett went a combined 1-11, Cabrera and Phillips continued to impress by producing 3-7 with 2 walks (Cabrera), a homer (Phillips), 2 runs, an RBI, and a steal (Phillips). When you get this kind of production from 2 rookies in your lineup you have to feel good. The best part about it is that these guys are starting to get into an everyday groove. They may still make a few mistakes, and an occasional 0-5 isn't out of the question, but they've continued in the fine tradition of Wang and Cano of the 2005 Yankees, and show that the experts don't know jack about the talent we have in the minors. They may not be big stars, and they may not fetch a big return on the trade market, but these guys are the perfect complimentary players on a Big League roster with the heart of the order covered.

Jaret Wright was very good. He continues to improve as the season wears on, and should he ever reach the 7th inning on a regular basis just maybe we have a solid #4 pitcher on our hands. He isn't lights out good, but we can probably call him brown out good. That's fine with me. Ron Villone did a good job. Not perfect, but I think he can expect to see some innings based on what he's doing these days. Scott Erickson on the other hand.....the man of the infinity ERA in today's ballgame......Lee Majors of the Major Leagues.....this guy gets the blown save pinned on Kyle Farnsworth, who did nothing more than come in and redeem himself for the loss against the Tigers. A bases loaded ground out that scored Erickson's garbage costs him a negative mark on his record. Could I hate this guy any more?

Finally, Jeter and Giambi held down the 3rd and 4th spots and pounded the Orioles into submission. 5 for 9 with a homer (Giambi), 2 runs, and 4 RBIs, including the 9th inning game winner (Jeter). Plug in Posada and A-Rod and this lineup is still fearsome. No problem. Bring on any pitcher in the game. We're ready. Just leave your best hitters at home. The pitching is a concern.....See you tomorrow. Go Yanks!