Saturday, June 17, 2006


1. F Scott Proctor
2. F Joe Torre for continually using Proctor over Villone
3. F Joe Torre for trying to squeeze another 5 outs out of Mariano on back to back nights.

How is it that we can't hold a 7 run lead these days. If we score 9 runs, we win right? Washington scored 9 unanswered runs against us after our 7 run Top of the 5th. I had high hopes for T.J. Beam, but after his solid inning, and a hell of a battle with Soriano, he gave it up in the 2nd inning of work. Awful.

Chacon...awful. Bullpen...awful. Torre...awful. Yankees lose 11-9.

For the record, here's Ron Villone's numbers so far:

27.1 IP
1.65 ERA
.198 BAA/.319OBPA/.260SLGA

I'm not saying he won't get lit up too, as his career numbers are about league average in many categories, but how is it that these pitchers have so many innings pitched, and he is rarely used in important situations? Just asking.

Scott Proctor (45.2)
Kyle Farnsworth (29.2)
Aaron Small (27.2) UPDATE: SMALL DFAed with 8.46 ERA
Sturtze/Erickson (23 combined)

No pictures today. I encourage you to look away. For the sake of the children.


Chuck M. said...

Wow - what a horrendous loss today. Probably the worst game played this season, and it'll way overshadow A-Rod's best day at the plate this month.

I think that Shawn Chacon is another 5-inning pitcher like Jaret Wright. And, if so, what are the Yankees going to need to do to get over it? Maybe they should find ANYONE else to start day #5, and plan to have Chacon & Wright each pitch half of one ballgame - Wright starts and pitches five, then Chacon finishes. The next game, they switch - Chacon starts, Wright finishes.

Bad job, bringing in Proctor and Rivera AGAIN. The two innings by each pitcher last night weren't enough? Torre's going to grind Rivera into the dust - 3 innings in late May, then two consecutive days of the 8th inning. What about Villone right there?

And, the sorry state of the Yankees bench is shown when the best pinch hitter available in the 9th inning is a guy who hits like a pitcher - Cairo. Ugh. Yes, I'm enjoying watching this team because it's interesting; I just wish that 9-2 leads were LESS interesting than today's.

RollingWave said...

Ack, this loss is frustrating.

amichen said...

I am staying up late to watch the game vs Nationals.( It is shown at 1 am local time here. )

However, with their recent slienced bats, I don't know whatelse I should be expecting from the Yankees.

I just hope that they will not lose big this time.

It is interesting to see Wang swing the bat though.

Go Yankess!

RollingWave said...

GAHHHHHHHH this was probably the top 3 best Yankee starter effort this season and it was a loss, gahhhhhhhh

Hopefully this one gave a big gut punch to the team and make them realize they got to pull it together NOW. You can't lose games where your starter gave u 8 inning of 1 run ball.

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