Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome Taiwan

I'm not really sure what's making me so popular with people in Taiwan these days, but I've recieved more than 1,300 hits over two days from that country.

Regular reader Yu-Hsing Chen has been a good friend to Canyon of Heroes and I hope others in Taiwan are catching on to our content. Of course there's always the possibility that it's some big glitch, in which case we can only sit back and enjoy the hits until things return to normal.

From Canyon of Heroes to the Yankee fans in Taiwan.....

Welcome and thanks for supporting the blog, the Yankees, and your countryman Wang Chien Ming.

Peace. COH


amichen said...

I have been a loyal and faithful reader of your blog over the past few months....and yes, I think I might be held responsible for some 600 hits( hahaha )of your blog!

Thank you for sharing your view on the Yanks with us and BTW, I am here for the Yanks not for Wang. ( Hehehe,I am a true believer of "In Cash I trust" slogan. )

Mike Plugh said...

Great. Thanks very much amichen. I appreciate the interest and the support. It seems that between the US, Japan, and Taiwan Canyon of Heroes is developing a wide international following.

Thanks again. Go Yanks.

amichen said...

Wow! This is the very first time that a blog writer has given me such a fast reply! Being a big fan of Moos,could you please tell us more about Mike Mussina? There is so little information about him on the web...

redpiggy said...

Hi! I'm here partly beacuse of the introduction form friends, partly because of being a fan of NYY and Wang, partly because of your humorous and sometimes sarcastic remarks. Thanks for the Taiwan flag and Wang's pic. By the way, since Wang is from Tainan, a rustic county in Taiwan, he's really a "countryman." Go Yanks. Go Mike the blogger!

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