Thursday, June 22, 2006

10,000 Thanks

Canyon of Heroes has ecllipsed the 10,000 hit mark in just under 4 months. The pace has quickened significantly over the last 45 days and I anticipate that the next 10,000 will come even faster. Thanks to all the people who have stopped by to read. Thanks to the many people who have linked to me and supported me as this blog has rolled along. You can find many of them in my linkroll on the right, but a special "big up" goes out to Cliff and Alex at Bronx Banter. It took a move to Japan to meet Alex, whereas he lives in my old building in the Bronx. Funny world.
As for the off day means that we have a little time to get home, lick our wounds, and prepare for a nice 9 game homestand. I have a feeling that the see-saw battle with the Red Stockings for first place in the AL East is going to swing our way during this homestand. Following that, I'd love to think we'll be close to a deal for some pitching before the trade deadline.

Go get 'em Bombers. See you tomorrow.


amichen said...

First, congradulations to the 10,000 hits, and I am sure another 10,000 hits won't be too far away.

As for tomorrow's game, I am sure that Wang is ready to go 9 innings against the Marlins.
(Hopefully there won't be any glove-throwning scenes tomorrow.)
Sports critics say that Wang can't strike out hitters. Well, prove them wrong,we would like to see more ground-outs from Wang.

Go Yanks! Do not let us down!!

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