Friday, June 02, 2006

There Can Be Only One!

I was really hoping to use these photos today to celebrate a Yankee win. The Verlander: There Can Be Only One.

Shame. It ended so badly, and there really will never be another chance to put these pics up. How often are you going to see a Chien Ming Wang vs. Justin Verlander matchup? Alas.

Yanks lose 7-6.

The distressing news of the day, however, is the increasingly bizarre series of injuries that the club is experiencing. Matsui is done. Sheff is probably done. Mariano suddenly comes up lame, leaving the door open for Farnsworth to stink up the joint. Jeter missed his second straight. Damon is a walking pile of bone chips. Pavano never really showed up. I'm scared to ask what's next, because something else might happen. Posada is one bad step from a trip to the DL.

The only good thing to come out of this situation is the increased playing time that has been given to Phillips, Cabrera, and maybe now Thompson. The former two Baby Bombers have really produced recently and are showing why the reports of the Yankees' sub-par farm system were drastically overblown. Cano is a star in the making. Cabrera is a legit Major Leaguer, as is Phillips by all appearances. Thompson is next on the radar, and just maybe we can get Terrence Long's ass out of dodge.

We need to reset here for a second to look at our lineup as it may stand the rest of the year.

CF Johnny Damon (Needs to step up big time now.)
SS Derek Jeter (Hurt but needs to play everyday. Early MVP candidate.)
DH Jason Giambi (Heating up again. Batman Lives!)
3B Alex Rodriguez (Getting back to MVP form. Good timing....hey...that's clutch!)
C Jorge Posada (Please stay healthy Hip Hip)
2B Robinson Cano (Rounding into the best hitting 2B in the AL)
1B Andy Phillips (See kid. We knew you could do it.)
LF Melky Cabrera (What more can I say? Top billin')
RF Kevin Thompson (probably Bubba, Bernie, or Long)

I'd like to see Erubiel Durazo enter this equation at some point. He hasn't suited up at AAA just yet, and Carlos Pena just hit his 7th home run against Rochester. He's sporting a poor .254 average and has a sub-.450 slugging, but his .380+ OBP is okay.

The pitching is also a question. Let's look at what we've got.

SP Randy Johnson (Big Unit or Big Obit)
SP Mike Mussina (Mr. Freeze with a SubZero ERA)
SP Chien Ming Wang (Mostly good. Occasionally throws a stinker.)
SP Shawn Chacon (hurt and questionable when healthy)
SP Jaret Wright (we need him more now than ever)

RP Aaron Small (Cinderfella is a pumpkin again.)
RP Scott Erickson (The Fall Guy sucks.)
RP Ron Villone (Please get him some innings)
RP Scott Proctor (Should start throwing with his left soon)
RP Kyle Farnsworth (can't hit the side of a barn half the time)
RP Octavio Dotel (HURRY BACK!)
CP Mariano Rivera (Simply the best. Please God. Let him heal quickly!)

Keep your fingers crossed folks. This season has been interesting. Too interesting! See you tomorrow. Go Yanks!