Friday, June 16, 2006

Bernie Williams: Born Again

This post is about Bernie Williams. I'm not going to talk about anything else, although the Yankees win against Washington featured a number of other subplots. Nope. Bernie gets this post all to himself. Well...perhaps with the help of Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley. Check it out.

It was written, up in the book of life That man shall, endure forever more And it was written, up in the book of life That man shall, endure forever more

Bernie Williams bucked the advice he was being given to hang it up in the offseason. He wanted another shot to play. The Yankees made the right move by giving him a deal, because it's virtually inconceivable that a guy like Bernie, who has meant to much to this franchise, would finish out his days playing for someone else. All of us knew that Bernie would probably be better off calling it a career and making the rounds at nightclubs and jazz spots with his guitar. I'd pay top dollar to see him do his thing, if only because he's Bernie Williams. Bernie came back, and he has quietly helped this team more than any of us may realize at this point.

Well did you know the pen is stronger than the knife They can kill you once but they can't kill you twice Did you know destruction of the flesh is not the ending to life fear not of the Anti-Christ

A lot has been written about what Bernie should do. Pens flowed ink from alpha to omega about the reasons why Bernie would hurt the team by playing in the field and that his lack of bat speed would produce more outs than results. They had Bernie dead and buried. You can't kill the man twice. Write the real story. Tell the people that the second coming of Bernie Williams is upon us. The destruction of his flesh is never the ending of his Yankee life....fear not the nonsense they write.

Your bodies just a vehicle Transporting the soul It's what's inside people Is beauty to behold Fear not of evil Every day dem flesh it grow old Changes of the time take toll

Bernie may not be what he once was. Every day him flesh it grow old. Changes of time take their toll...But what's inside of Bernie's a beauty to behold. Since Hideki Matsui went down, when Bernie was hitting .264/.303/.330 and drawing fire for his weak bat and arm, #51 has quietly hit .306/.353/.537 in 31 games and is now hitting .286 on the year. Over that stretch he has 5 home runs, 20 RBIs, and 19 runs scored. The Yankees are 17-14 since the Matsui injury and a lot of praise has been heaped upon the young guns brought up from AAA, but the Reincarnation of Bernie Williams has as much to do with it as anything. Hail de man. One Love.


singlessss said...

I'm a bud from Bronx Banter.
Great graphics on your site. Very creative. The Bernie pic is FINE!!

Keep up the good work.
What OF'er are we going to get?
Maybe Sori NEXT year to replace Shef. I'm not interested in Sanders.

Mike Plugh said...

Sori to replace Sheff next year is on my mind too.

It's hard to say though. There are several options and it's all really vague so far.

Sheff may come back strong and make the point moot. Outside Sori, there is no one else in Sheff's league at the plate.

Torii Hunter would be okay, but he's not a good hitter. We'd be getting him for defense.

I'm most interested in Barry Zito. Bring him into the fold with Moose and Unit and you have a nice top 3 with Wang holding up his end. Unit and Moose are slipping a bit, so it's likely you'd see Zito fill in as the ace.

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