Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yankee Notes: May 28th, 2006

Not much to say about the Yankee win on Saturday except, "What took you so long?" The loss on Friday was a bit of a hiccup for the team, but we saw the real deal as A-Rod went yard twice, and the bottom of the order got a little BP to keep their confidence up. Maybe those extra at bats, and hits, will keep them on top of their games for the Tigers.

Looking forward to the Sunday afternoon affair, Jaret Wright should be able to continue building his momentum against the Omaha Royals of the Pacific Coast League (ORPCL) and perhaps we can get 7 innings out of him to extend his success a bit more.

I'm predicting a Giambi home run in this final game against the Royals. When he hit the ball the other way against Affeldt, I just had a feeling that a home run surge is on the horizon. No better time to start than the present. Sheff is due too, but his hand keeps a question mark over his head. If anything, he actually looks like he's overswinging a bit since coming back....and for Sheff, that's saying something.

I'm still anxiously awaiting Erubiel Durazo's AAA debut. Not sure when that's going to happen, but he can get a quick call up if he busts out of the gate. Carlos Pena may have had the upper hand and first dibs on a Big League roster spot, but he's gone cold and we all know Durazo is the better talent. Hidalgo may have to wait for a call up as well. Long is on the Major League team and Melky is playing well. Bernie has actually been hitting of late, and it appears as though the once decimated outfield is steadying itself with Sheff back. Pitching is the main area of concern. Isn't it always? That brings me to my final item of the day. Roger Clemens.

News keeps flying around about Clemens and his return to action. He's coming back sooner than later and we keep hearing that it's narrowed to the Red Sox and Astros.....unless the Yankees swoop in with a big offer. I the hell is that any different that what we knew a month ago. The Rangers were always the underdogs in the whole thing, and had very little real chance to sign Rocket....despite my April prediction. Ahem. What we know now is that the Red Sox have been engaging in heavy petting since the winter, and that Houston has all the aces up its sleeve. The Yankees only have money and certain vague factors that keep them in the race. Tony Pena was his catcher. He may want to enter the Hall in a Yankee hat. Where does a guy go when he wants the best chance at a ring? Jeter is his buddy. None of it matters. If Houston can win 4 or 5 in a row and gain a couple of games back on St. Louis he's going back.

He can skip road trips. He can hang out with his son, who's in the Astros' system. He gets to partner with his buddy Pettitte again. The team already has a rotation of Oswalt, Pettitte, Wandy Rodriguez, and Fernando Nieve. They are currently at .500 and 7.5 games out. That's the only thing holding Clemens back from making his announcement now. In a week, if the Astros fall further back, Roger will start to entertain the Sox and the Yanks. The Yanks will throw mega bucks at him and the Sox will do the same. No one knows what he's going to do, so I choose to play it like Cashman. Yo....Rog....we're here. We're going to win it with you or without you. We'd love to have you, and I think you know we're the best chance for you to win it all again. Let us know.


Anonymous said...

I know everybody is gonna think I'm crazy but I really don't want him. For one thing, I really don't like what he is doing with the waiting until the middle of the season to come back and join a contender. Basically, he is just a hired mercenary now. And I don't want to hear how he has earned it. Nobody is bigger than the game.

I hope if he goes to the Red Sox, he gets rocked.

singlessss said...

I think Rocket will pick the Sox over the Yanks, regardless of $$. He's going into the HOF as a Red Sox (Sock?)... and returning to Boston will offer him a sense of completion.

I don't expect him to match last years numbers, especially if he returns to the American league. However, if the Sox get him, it may cost us the PS.