Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yankee Notes: May 14th, 2006

Game two between the Yankees and A's was another close affair, the Yanks winning 4-3. Canyon of Heroes presents random thoughts in lightning fashion:

1. Jaret Wright was once again just good enough. I'll take it.
2. A-Rod with another "clutch" home run. Booooo.....I hate winning.
3. This A's team isn't very good. I overestimated them in the pre-season.
4. Look at the A's batting averages.....ugly.
5. The Yankees left side sure is booting the ball around the infield lately....
6. Scott Proctor is lights out so far. How can Joe use anyone else at this point?
7. Farnsworth's "Gameday" pitching chart looked like a drunk at a shooting range.
8. Yankees in 1st place all by their lonesome today!!

My last note is a brief continuation on my Sturtze ranting. Everytime he comes in I wonder, "Is this it? Is this the meltdown that seals his fate?" It never works out, but it's comical. Tragically comical. Todays line: 1 out recorded, 2 hits. His ERA on the year stands at 7.59, and his WHIP is now a robust 2.156. aged cheese.

Me: Hey Joe. Let's play word association. "Stinks."

Torre: Hmmm....garbage, feces, Limburger...uh...

Me: Okay, good. How about this one. "Sturtze."

Torre: That's easy. Hubba hubba.....

UPDATE: Tanyon Sturtze sent to the DL; Scott Erickson called up instead of Colter Bean. Someone should buy Colter dinner....he likes to have a nice night out on the town before he know the rest.


Anonymous said...

ROFL great post, totally agreed on Sturtze, he's been sucking just about everytime he is out there and there's no excuse for him..

I wonder why calling up Erickson too though.. probably because Dotel and Pavano is comming back soon?

Your right though, the AL west is vastly overrated in the preseason .. the Angels are hitting like the Royals and the A's can't score much (overdoes of money ball? in the first game against Wang they really should have bunted a lot in that kind of situations..) and their pitching wasn't as good as we thought.

That or maybe it's the Yankees who are a lot better than we though.. they said the Yanks had no pitching no defense and no bench before the season.. seems that all but the bench part has been disproved and the bench is being put to the test now...

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