Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can You Fear Me Now?

According to the new feature at Sports Illustrated, Jason Giambi ranks behind only Albert Pujols among the game's most feared sluggers. In what I'd like to make a regular feature, let's look at what he's done since July 4th, 2005:

117 Games
337 At Bats
77 Runs
95 Hits
13 2B
39 HR
99 RBI
106 BB
81 SO

Those numbers equate to .282/.454/.668 and a 1.122 OPS. Let's see what that translates to over 162 games:

162 Games
468 At Bats
107 Runs
132 Hits
18 2B
54 HR
138 RBI
147 BB
113 SO

Outstanding. He's slowed his pace a bit in the last couple of weeks, but the day off against the Rangers seemed to do him a bit of good as his bat looked sharp yesterday. It seems that no one is going to topple Albert Pujols for the Most Feared Slugger in baseball mantle, but settling for 2nd overall and the top spot in the American League is all Jason Giambi needs to earn that first Yankee MVP.