Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Get Off Your Ass Cashman

You can read my post below for my thoughts on the Bad News Bombers performance against the Red Stockings, but I HAD to comment on a bewildering and incomprehensible love affair between Joe Torre and Tanyon Sturtze. The article in today's New York Post sums up the enfuriating brain lock that Torre has with regard to Sturtze:

"Joe Torre sought out Sturtze before yesterday's game to talk because the righthander had not retired any of the three batters he faced Sunday. Torre said afterward, 'I wanted to wring his neck.'

'I wanted to let him know I un-wrung his neck,' Torre joked.

After last night's game, Torre noted, 'He needs to polish it up a bit.'"

Joe....wring his neck...please. "He needs to polish it up a bit"?! What does he need to polish? No matter how much you polish a terd, it still stinks. For the love of God Cash Money, do something about this and DFA Sturtze to save Torre from himself. Does he need to get hit in the head with a brick to recognize that this guy is a stiff? Just look at his career numbers and you'll see it clear as day. In 267 career games, Tanyon has produced a 5.21 ERA and a 1.530 WHIP. He has a CAREER "batting average against" of .285!!!! That's a substantial body of work by which to judge a player. STAGGERING!

The picture I chose for this post is my fantasy of Tanyon Sturtze forever leaving Yankee Stadium with a box full of his ERA in tow.