Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Bad News Bombers

Is it me or do the Yankees seem to save their most humiliating and bumbling performances for the Red Sox? Randy Johnson walking 5 in less than 4 innings and uncorking 2 wild pitches, Alex Rodriguez botching two balls in the field, Melky Cabrera with yet another costly error against the Beantonians in very limited Major League service. 14-3 is inexcusable at home.

The first two guys are lock 1st ballot Hall of Famers, and Melky has been shredding AAA. To quote legendary Met fan Jerry Seinfeld, “What’s the deal with the Yankees?”

I’m not worried in the least about the final standings. I’m not worried about how the Yankees will perform over the long haul, or against the Sox in the season series. Those things will take care of themselves. What bugs me is simply that we have to hear the “Jeter Swallows” chants even louder against the Sox when we play like this. We see the sales of “A-Rod is an A-Hole” t-shirts skyrocket when he boots balls against the Red Stockings. We have to watch the media piss Randy Johnson off with pointed questions that make him even more caustic and unlikable. Why can’t these guys just bury the Sox a few times to start the season to hush the idiots?

The team will rebound quickly and get back on track. They’re too good to let it get to them. In a 162 game season, you have to keep perspective on each game as an individual event, generally unrelated to what happens the next day. At least you hope a hideous display like Game One of this series doesn’t snowball out of control.

I’m pissed off, so I’m going to say this now. Randy Johnson sucks. He’s a washed up shadow of his former self, and he should be ashamed of the stinkers he’s throwing almost every time out for the Bombers. Ashamed! When I’m thinking more clearly, I’ll come around to the sensible reaction that is led by the notion that Johnson isn’t what he once was, but he’ll be better than this on most nights. Better days are ahead, in other words. Grumble….grumble…..

Aaron Small has continued to be putrid. The pumpkin has arrived. It’s time to cut him loose and make room for Colter Bean. Sturtze is as useless a Major League pitcher as there is anywhere. That's him being beaten by Red Sox players in the brawl a few years ago. It continues on the field to this day. I’m ready to storm Yankee headquarters with the Bleacher Creatures’ mob and slap some Yankee brass in the face. They need to wake up and smell the coffee on Sturtze and Small. There’s no reason for either of them to be on the Major League roster. FREE COLTER BEAN!!!!!!

That’s all I feel like writing today. There will be more tomorrow, and I feel strongly that it will be positive in the wake of another strong Mussina performance. We should see a close, low scoring, affair with Moose and Schilling on the mound, but we hit last, and that should make the difference. Until then……don’t break anything.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I could not agree with you more. Personally, and I probably speak for a lot of Yankees fans here, I am sick and damn tired of being bullied by the Sox. Everytime we play them, its like we cower in their presence, like if we do something out of line they are gonna beat us up. Around the fourth inning, Guidry looked pissed, and I think a lot of it was not just walks, hits and errors, but the refusal to knock some hitters off the plate. It eventually has to be done, especially at home.
Second, the fans that get to go to the games in the Bronx need to step it the hell up. The Sox act like they are playing in their second home, but everytime the Yanks play in Boston, it feels like hostile, enemy territory. I'm not advocating violence, but damn, do something beside sit on your hands.
Third, it would not hurt my feelings in the least if this was Randy Johnson's final year, at least with the Yanks. I don't want to hear about his numbers, he has been a huge bust, especially in big games. Also, I have defended A-Rod for three years now, but those plays have to be made. I'm gonna get blasted for saying this, but maybe the Yanks do need someone to come in give them a kick in the ass, like Pinella. Do you think he would have sat there losing to the Sox like Torre did tonight. I don't know, I'm extremely pissed off and a win tommorow is not gonna fix the problem that we seem to have with the Sox.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I guess that kinda ends the debate on sending down Wang... no way in hell we gonna send a servicable starter (who doesn't have an option left anyway) down when RJ is looking like utter crap ..

Also, Wang's slug against is ridiculasly good for a guy that gets hit all over the place on a team with a lot of crappy defensive corner outfielders behind him... how good? about .100 less than Josh Beckett... (oh yeah they happen to have around the same ERA too)and significantly better than all other Yankee starter except Moose (who is simply not getting hit at all .. and is only .040 better than Wang)

Wang simply needs to find one more freaken pitch, and that's his slider, he's been trying to throw it... but except for the Twins game he havn't been able to throw it anywhere near the strike zone.. if he can, he's going to start striking a lot of peole out and wowing a lot of people. and making most of his former critics look like fools

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