Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cold Tex-Mex

Another lightning round of random game thoughts from Canyon of Heroes. Buckle up.

1. Mark Texeira's cold bat in this series reminds me of the break the Yankees caught last year up in Toronto when Vernon Wells was icy. When the Yankees left, just in time, Wells caught fire. What happens when we leave Texas?

2. Giambi is a revelation. Since July 4th of 2005 (103 games), Giambi is 89 for 305 (.292) with 37 home runs and 96 RBIs. He's scored 72 runs, walking 101 times with only 70 K's. His OBP is over .470 and his slugging is .623 by my rough estimate. That makes an OPS around 1.093. His 162 game projection would make 58 home runs, 151 RBIs, 159 BBs, 113 runs, and an MVP award in the making. I hope he keeps up the pace!

3. Chacon is now 11-4 in a Yankee uniform, and 4-1 this season. He's been excellent.

4. A-Rod controlled his smirk after silencing the boos with a 3-run homer. Nice.

5. Scott Proctor continues to look pretty good. I hope the lineup casualties are Sturtze and Wang when Dotel and Pavano come back. It was hard to say Wang instead of Wright, but Wang doesn't have an out pitch right now, and he can't seem to find strike 3. Maybe a little time at AAA Columbus will help him find it. Either way (Wright or Wang) Pavano has to prove he can pitch, and stay healthy.

6. Antonio Alfonseca has a softball league body. He's got that rock hard beer gut that weekend warriors envy. Way to stay in the Major Leagues looking like a Weeble, Fonzie.


Anonymous said...

Wang doesn't have an option, so it's kinda hard, though I suppose you can convince him to go down .. (or does he still have to clear waiver?) if he needs to clear waiver though there is no way in hell he'll be passed...

In any case, with RJ looking like shit right now, I think the last thing you want is to send away at least a servicable starter like Wang. and actually.. Wang may not be striking people out... but if you check his slug against (which is insanely low for a guy getting hit all over the place) you realize why the Yankees have a ton of hope in him.

Also, the main problem with Wang is finding his slider... if he finds it.. he looks very close to Roy Halladay.. as amazing as that claim might be....

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