Saturday, May 20, 2006

Jumping Bean


The Yankees got smart and added Colter Bean to their Major League roster. The spat of injuries that has plagued the team thus far has FINALLY opened the door for Bean to show his stuff. Who knows? He may stink it up and embarrass himself. He may show us all why the Yankees left him at AAA Columbus. At least he gets a shot. I'm betting he does well.

As for the everyday Big Leaguers, they continue to fumble around in the field like a team of Edward Scissorhands. Especially, Alex Scissorhands over at 3rd. They are tops in the AL this year with 24 unearned runs. The team has 22 errors in 13 games, including 4 today against Pedro Martinez. You can't beat Pedro committing terrible errors. If you factor in Cairo and Damon's misplayed balls in the outfield, the Yankees looked like Little Leaguers out there. It doesn't work, and Mussina deserved better. He was every bit as good as Martinez, but got dumped in a hole that Joe Pesci would be proud of. "What you think I never dug a hole before" Dance Spider.

You hear that the team is auditoning Richard Hidalgo. Great. Whatever. If he doesn't cost anything, sign him up. I just don't want him to get in the way of Melky's playing time. As Tim McCarver noted oddly in the Fox broadcast, Melky had "the only hard hit ball against Pedro in the game" in the 7th inning. I think a few other balls were well hit, but....anyway. He doesn't look lost out there, and at 21 years old could provide another injection of youth into this broken down roster of senior citizens. Even when Sheffield is able to come back, I want Melky in left all year.

In the end, this game emerged as a great Yankee comeback. The Bombers rallied against Bill Wagner in the top of the 9th to tie the game at 4. In the top of the 11th, unlikely heroes Miguel Cairo and Andy Phillips got the lead. And a revived Mariano Rivera found strike three. I thought it would be in the back seat of his car, but it turned out to be in the bullpen at Shea. Go figure. Gotta love a win like that. I woke up at 2am Japan time, and sat through all the bungling, only to be rewarded with a sweet come from behind! Thanks Yankees.

"Enter Sandman" matchup 1 game apiece.