Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Omar and Carlos Sittin' in a Tree...

Anyone who reads here regularly (Ted in Ft. Lee) knows that I have hopes that the Bombers will be able to lure Carlos Zambrano to the Bronx. It's not the most popular roster move in Yankeedom, but I think there are more than a few people who share my dream. It looks like that dream is more than a longshot these days. This from the Chicago Tribune:

"With six days left to reach a contract extension before Opening Day, Carlos Zambrano is discussing the possibility of wearing a New York Mets uniform next year. Asked by SI.com if he'd consider the New York Yankees, Zambrano said: "I like the Yankees, but I don't see myself pitching at Yankee Stadium. Too many rules. If I play in New York, it's going to be with the Mets.

"First of all, because I get to hit. And I love hitting. I can't say . . . that I would never play for the Yankees. Hopefully no, but you never know. This is a business."

Negotiations on a five-year extension have been ongoing, with little movement from either side. Zambrano has said that if he doesn't sign by Opening Day, negotiations are over until the season ends. Though the Cubs are his first choice, don't be surprised if the White Sox enter the picture if Zambrano hits the free-agent market. Sources said Zambrano would be interested in playing for Sox manager Ozzie Guillen if it doesn't work out with the Cubs."

I would be doing cartwheels if I was Omar Minaya right now. I'd be seen in public with a Mets uniform sporting Zambrano's name and number on the back, and I'd open a Venezuelan restaurant at Shea Stadium. I don't think you can ever rule out Cashman and the Yankees if they are willing to spend, but I don't think they'll outspend the Mets if Minaya gets serious. It's just not that kind of team anymore. The Yankees will spend silly, stupid, outrageous money if they can get Johan Santana, but Zambrano is not Santana (as good as I believe he is). Cashman's Yankees will spend more than most teams nowadays, but they won't get into a pissing match with other clubs unless the player is a first ballot Hall of Famers (yes, I'm talking to you Rocket). So much for Zambrano in the new Yankee Stadium, unless the Subway Series counts.


Chris V said...

Speaking of paying big money for Santana, after the 2008 season, he and Jeremy Bonderman, Jake Peavy, and Ben Sheets will be free agents (unless something happens between now and then). Throw in oft-injured Mark Prior and Brad Penny, and it's no wonder the Yankees are looking to develop in-house pitching.

As for Carlos Zambrano, how would he know how many rules we have? It's not like he has long hair and a (real) beard anyway, and the team has no policy on whether or not you can be fat.

Mike Plugh said...

I like this comment Chris. It made me smile. Especially the part about the beard and being fat. If David Wells could thrive being fat and wearing a much more pronounced goatee, why not Carlos Z?

Methinks that Zambrano has had little whispers of sweet nothings from Queens.

Chris V said...

Now, wouldn't that be tampering? No GM would ever do that! The way the Mets ended up with no pitching this past off-season, it wouldn't surprise me if Minaya sent Godiva boxes to Zambrano every few weeks. "Just thinking about you. - Omar"

I'm not sure if I was clear enough in my first post, but I was trying to say that it's going to cost a lot of money to get a free agent pitcher in 2008. I'd shell out Zito-type money for Santana, but it will probably cost way more than that.

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