Monday, March 26, 2007

Amazon Associate

Hey, COH readers. (all 4 of you)

I've gone semi-commercial here, having joined the Amazon Associates program. I'm hoping that my loyal readers will support this blog by purchasing something from the featured items in the right margin. I don't have any wild ideas about getting rich from this program, but a few extra dollars will help me to buy diapers if all goes well.

If you have plans to buy any an authentic Yankees home jersey this year, or if you're looking for a good book to read, I would be more than grateful to you if you'd consider purchasing it from the links I provide here. I get a very small percentage of each purchase, so if you like what I do here and happen to be in the market for something, why not click and help me to make a few extra dollars for my efforts? Most items are found just below the "Archives" in the right margin. I'll update periodically (with some less expensive items as well) so check back to see what new recommended reading I have for you.

Your patronage is much appreciated.

Mike Plugh


mehmattski said...

Baseball Prospectus 2007 for $12.37?!? Sign me up! I know you probably only get a few cents with that, but I couldn't pass that up. Maybe you can get your kid a gumball on me ;-) I'm not really in the market for an authentic jersey this season, but a #24 Cano navy blue t-shirt, that I could be down for. I also picked up Tiger Woods for my Wii...

Happy to help, in my small way.

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