Saturday, March 10, 2007

How High is John Schuerholz?

I just heard the news. Mike Hampton is down, and the Braves went out and signed Redman to replace him. Who knew he could pitch? Brick City!!!! He had the following comment on his new job in Atlanta:

(Yo Red, kick that hype shit on who you had a fight with!)
I had a fight with Chuck, the punk motherfuck
tried to stab me in the gut, so I dazed him with a uppercut (BING!)
Snapped the neck on Michael Myers then I freaked it; cause it was August
and he was talkin this trick or treat shit (Trick or treat!)
Jason my man slangs rocks like up the block
143rd and Amsterdam by the smoke shop
Norman Bates work the night shift late
Since he dresses like his momma, I pimp him and his hoecake
Bust a maneuver Freddy Kruger, dreamed about
me havin him scooped, he woke up with his dooks up
That caused me to cut the hands off the man with the chainsaw
Plus I got his brain pickled in a jar