Friday, November 03, 2006

Phil Taylor is a Hack

Jeter doesn't deserve MVP because he didn't cuddle with A-Rod. That's the crux of Phil Taylor's absolutely hack piece at It's a load of horseshit. Jeter can be criticized for a lot of things, on or off the field, if a person should so choose. It would be silly, in my opinion, as he stands for everything that is wholesome about the game, but there is something that he could be knocked for.

A-Rod being soft is not one of them. A-Rod is A-Rod. Jeter is Jeter. Why a guy who goes out every night and plays the game the right way and has done more for the Yankees franchise than any player since Mickey Mantle, deserves to be the subject of an amateurish hit and run piece is beyond me. That's the mainstream media for you. Invent controversy, sell papers.

Thanks Phil Taylor. I needed something to line my electronic birdcage with.