Monday, November 13, 2006

One Man's Junk.... another man's treasure. Cash Money pulled another miracle out of his bag of tricks, by dumping the trash and getting a very useful pitcher in return. Jaret Wright was on the Yankees' endangered species list, and was scheduled for termination. Instead of buying him out and dropping him completely, essentially we bought him out and got a nice young pitcher in return.

Chris Britton may be doing his best Chris Farley impression, but he can pitch. If he gets his weight under control and continues to improve, there's yet another good arm to count in our fold. It's almost like Cashman is building an indestructable army of supermen, bent on world domination. We may not get Matsuzaka, but we can sew the spare parts of all the pitchers together and build one monstrosity of a player!!! Just don't take Pavano's guts, Johnson's back, or Britton's belly.

What's Dr. Frankenpitcher got up his sleeve next?