Saturday, November 25, 2006

ESPN the Magazine

Eric Neel of ESPN the Magazine called me some weeks ago and we spent about a half hour on the phone talking about Matsuzaka, and Japanese baseball. He was an engaging and friendly guy, and he's written a fantastic piece for the publication that you should check out. My name didn't make the cut in the final story, but I enjoyed the chance to talk baseball with Eric and hope to work with him in the future on another Japanese baseball story.

Give it a look, and pick up the latest edition of ESPN the Magazine at a newsstand near you.


Xavier said...

Trade Arod, Please Brian..

In my opinion Yankees have to Arod this offseason. I think Arod is the main problem why Joe almost got fired by George earlier this year. Arod knows that Joe's favorite player and pet is Jeter. By not performing throughout Regular All season long and distancing himself by his teamates. It All started back in 2004 by Arod who is in conflict with Buck Showalter. I think Arod's conflict with Buck was created by Media and perfectly overblown . I also think Buck want Arod to be traded with the Yankees. Buck Showalter who helps rebuild the Yankees and fixing the Farm system. After Buck Showalter was fired and losing to mariners in the playoffs. Clueless Joe was later hired as a manager and steals the spotlight away from Buck by winning four world series. Even so Buck didn't receive any credit rebuilding the yankees and He was jealous with Joe and his success in Ny. That's why Arod got traded to Ny to end Yankees dominance and monolopy with baseball. This is the truth and this my opinion.

Mike Plugh said...

This is perhaps one of the dumbest things ever posted here.

Tidus said...

A Defense of Joe Cowley

Most things that most journalists write bother me. I find that only a tiny percentage of the media really knows they are talking about while the rest are simply out to attract readers.

But the fact that this dude from Chicago, Joe Cowley, is getting nationally scolded for putting 6th on his ballot is just about the worst thing that I have seen in sports media coverage.

Ladies and Gentleman. This is DEREK JETER.

This guy did not hit 100 home runs this year.

He did not hit .400.

He did not steal 150 bases.

He did not play on a team where he and only he was good enough to get the team a victory.

Tidus said...

More Yankees bias from Stupid Mets Fan.

Alex said...

A-Rod far from reaching Jeter's exalted standing

Derek Jeter lost the American League Most Valuable Player award last week to Justin Morneau, one year after Alex Rodriguez outpolled the most notorious Yankee-killer of the 21st century.

A-Rod, fall guy for Yankees fans, beats out David Ortiz of the hated Red Sox, but Jeter, Mr. October and November, comes up short against Morneau, a Minnesota Twin. How, exactly, do we who claim to understand the proper order of all things Yankee explain this breach of common baseball sense that anoints A-Rod, not Jeter, as an MVP?

Tuesday's decision for Morneau, hardly outrageous or even an egregious example of anti-New York bias by any objective examination of the numbers, speaks more to the ecological imbalance that has befallen the Yankees in the six years since their last World Series was won.

Jamie said...

I read the piece about Dice K before you posted and the first thing I thought of was the countless hours I wasted this summer on my company's time while I was on Matsuzaka Watch....
Oh the good ole' days... when I truly thought he was going to be a Yankee....

I really hope this doesn't bite us in the ass

Jamie said...

Oh, and I agree about your comment Mike.

I vote for the fact that the first post was the dumbest thing ever said on this blog.

mars2001 said...

Sorry for posting the full text in my previous post... if you need to kill it, here's the link to the ESPN the Magazine story:

Mike Plugh said...

Thanks mars....

but posting whole articles on the blog makes it tough for people to enjoy. It's a little discouraging to sift through....

besides the whole point of my post was to draw readership for that article, and I linked to it in the main body. ;)


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