Friday, November 10, 2006

Heeeee's Grrrrrrrreat!!!

Gary Sheffield is a Tiger. He's reunited with Jim Leyland, and has a new contract through 2009. That's the big news as the Yankees wait to hear about Matsuzaka. It's actually very big news and it has good points and bad points.

The bad point of this situation is that Sheffield is a very good player, and he's no longer on the Yankees. His bat was terrifying and promises to stike fear in the hearts of AL pitchers for a few more years to come, bad wrist notwithstanding. That bat didn't go to the NL, but instead to the team that knocked the Yankees out of the playoffs. The Yankees have made a new and tough rival, even tougher. With their pitching and young players on the field the Tigers should compete in a very strong AL Central for the next few years. That means the wild card will come from that division, in all likelihood, and the Yankees will HAVE TO win the AL East to make the playoffs. All of that is dependent on Sheffield staying healthy.

The good point is the young arms that came back to New York in the deal. One of the arms was lights out at AAA, while the others are still at A ball. The trio looks very good, and the Yankees continue to stock up on young arms for the future. Buy your bats, and raise your arms. That is the formula for big success.

More on the minor leaguers when I can tell their stories completely. See you on the flip Sheff. We'll miss your 2500 career foul home runs, and your Fenway Fists of Fury.


rabid stan said...

So, Buster Olney says Boston dropped $40 million on Matsuzaka. I haven't seen any other sources report this. What's the word across the other pond?

I'm conflicted. On the one hand, the figure is so obscene it's difficult to believe (this is Carl Pavano money *for the right to negotiate*), but the bidding is over so it's not like this can be written off as a ploy to drive up the price. This posting with its closed bidding is stupid.

I had steeled myself for the news that some dark horse would get him. Texas, Chicago, the Mets, all of them were capable of outbidding the Yanks if they got desparate enough, and they're all sort of desparate. I told myself that "D-Mat" is a world-class talent and it would be a priviledge to watch him play in the Majors, no matter where he ended up.

But Boston...

If they do get him, I hope he turns into another Beckett just before his arm falls off.

Simone said...

It the Red Sox bid $40 million on Matsuzaka, Henry definitely stepped up for his team and their fans. I think that Matsuzaka is worth the expense in terms of his production on the field and the business deals that the Red Sox will be able to make with Japanese businesses.

rabid stan said...

I'm sorry, but $40-45 million isn't stepping up. It's flagrant over-bidding and nothing else.

Whatever they end up offering per year (if the reports are true and the Sox are negotiating in good faith):

tack on 10-11 million each year if the contract is for four years

8-9 million if five

~7 million if six

~6 million if seven

That's Manny and even A-Rod money they're going to be doling out for this kid's services. There's nothing clever or bold about paying that much. If these reports are true than the Red Sox are open to the same knock the Yankees always are: as an organization, they're not good or even lucky, just rich.

As a Yankee fan I have no problem with that, but to all the crowing Red Sox fans out there: enjoy being a subject of the new Evil Empire. In exchange for your papers, you will have to give up your sense of moral superiority.

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