Friday, September 29, 2006

One of a Kind

A few things fit the category of "One of a Kind" today. Let's run down them, shall we? Join me over by Picture Picture and we'll enter the land of Yankee make-believe....

1. Daniel Cabrera one hits the Yankees Behemoth.

Sure, no Jeter and no A-Rod. Damon, Cano, Abreu, Giambi, Sheffield, Matsui, Posada, Cairo, Green. You gotta be kidding me. I know Daniel Cabrera is an electric pitcher and has loads of potential, but this guy can't hit the side of a barn half the time. He went the distance on just under 12 pitches an inning. Only two walks were on the board alongside Cano's 9th inning hit. This yeat Cabrera walks 6 batters a game on average. WTF?!! If the Yankees hold true to form, they'll go on a sick scoring streak from here on out. After an embarrassing game, this team has always turned on the afterjets to erase the bad taste. I have faith.

2. Tom Gordon says Rollins is "The One"

Tom Gordon has been famous for shooting off his mouth at various times throughout his career. I liked him as a Yankee and I thought he was a very valuable asset behind Mariano Rivera. What he said today was just silly. For those who missed it, Gordon said:

"I think J's better than Jete," Gordon was quoted as saying in the Philadelphia Daily News. "Every time the team needed something done, Jete did it. I see the same thing from J-Roll. Like with Jeter, the game just comes to him naturally."

Hold the presses. Jimmy Rollins of the career .754 OPS is better than Derek Jeter of the career .851 OPS? Rollins, who has a career high OBP of .348 and a career high slugging of .478 (this season) is better than Derek Jeter who had already posted career bests of .438 and .552 by his 27th birthday. Derek Jeter, whose lowest single season OPS was .775 in his second full season as a pro? Maybe he meant this year? Maybe he meant that Jimmy Rollins is better on September 29th, 2006 than Derek Jeter.

Jeter's VORP is 1st among shortstops and 2nd among all AL players(Hafner). Rollins is 7th among shortstops and ranks behind Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, and Rafael Furcal among NL shortstops. Hmmmm.....that didn't do it. How about Runs Created per 27 outs? Uh....Jeter is 16th in the Majors at 7.80 RC27 and Rollins is 66th with 5.97. I guess Tom Gordon isn't called 'Flash' for his electrifying insights.

3. There Can Be Only One

I used that line earlier in the season when Chien Min Wang faced off with rookie Justin Verlander. The Verlander wields mighty power, but the Twins have tied for 1st in the Central. I've been praying for this for awhile. I want the Tigers in the ALDS. That short series is scary with Johan Santana facing down the opposition twice in 5 games. I'm not scared of the Kitty Cats at all. Bring on the Tigers. There can be only one!!

By the way, St. Louis is going to miss the playoffs and Clemens will pitch in the post-season once again. Watch.

That's it. I'm tired. The Yankees are going to drop a 10+ run jammy on Toronto tomorrow and we'll all soon forget about Daniel Cabrera. See you tomorrow. Go Yanks.