Sunday, September 10, 2006

King Midas and Tears of a Clown

Jay's like King Midas as I was told
Everything that he touched turned to gold
He's the greatest of the greater get it straight
He's great
Playing fame cause his name is known in every state
- Run DMC, "Peter Piper" (1986)

The King of New York. King Midas. Chien Min Wang. This is a bad man, folks. He is tied with Johan Santana and John Garland for the AL lead in wins at 17. Is there a Yankees pitcher you trust more in a big spot. It's hard to believe that he was in AAA at the start of last season. At his young age, you have to think the Yankees are going to have something good on their hands for many years to come. If he's this good now, think about how good he'll be in 2 or 3 years.

Today, Wang's GO:AO ratio was 16:5 and he managed to get 22 outs on 85 pitches. He's earning the monicker "Worm Killer" Wang as some have dubbed him. The interesting thing, if you look at his minor league numbers over 5 seasons, is that he used to strike out about 7 batters per 9 innings. When he reached the Majors last season, he stopped. Everything is a ground ball out, which is okay in my book. It's interesting though.

Before the final game of the Twins series I remarked that the Yankees needed to go 8-3 in the 11 games leading up to the Red Sox series. To update the progress on that mission, the Yankees have gone 4-2 in the first six games, meaning they need to go 4-1 against the Orioles and Tampa Bay. I'm not sure I like the odds on that. I will hold the Bombers to their assigned mission, as I believed both then and now that they need to beat up on the weak sisters of the American League leading into the playoffs. If I was a betting man, I'd predict a 3-2 record.

In the meantime, Boston has dropped further out of contention for both the AL East and the Wild Card. While I wasn't quite ready to officially pronounce the Red Stockings dead a couple of days ago, they have dropped their first two games to the Royals, allowing 20 runs in the process. The most recent loss came with their full lineup on the field and Josh Beckett starting. If they can't win that game, there isn't a snowball's chance in Hell that they will sniff the postseason. In fact, I would be monstrously shocked to see them finish ahead of the Blue Jays in the AL East when all is said and done. Only a game separates them, and it's a very tentative game at that. Some Red Sox media outlets have begun talking about their offseason overhaul, but it seems rather difficult to imagine a much better team than they put on the field this season. We'll have to wait and see. For now, it's quite a New England tragedy....I like to call the opera "I Papiacci".


ami said...

It is hard for me not to post some comments here....
I have enjoyed reading your blog ever since the season starts and I am sure many of your readers are just as anxious as I am to see the long over-dued Yankees victory in the play-offs.

Go Yankees!!!
Do not let your fans down!!!

Mike Plugh said...

Thanks Ami,

Go Yanks!!!!!!!!

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