Friday, September 22, 2006


I've been bouncing around with various things, pleasure and work, recently and haven't been able to devote as much time to COH as I may have wanted. I'll probably make this post a short to medium effort, and start gearing up for some more in depth writing as we get closer to the real season. I've been watching the lockerroom celebration on You Tube thanks to Bronx Banter regular pistolpete, and have a couple of comments to make.

1. Giambi and Damon are like a pair of jokers. It was good to see them together soaked in champagne. I think Damon is going to be a real killer for us in the post-season and it has become so apparent that the +/- effect of his acquisition on the AL East may have been the difference in the division race. I think Boston's pitching woes was factor A#1, but the Coco vs. Caveman situation was a close 2nd. Giambi has issues with his wrist now, and I'm going to play "I Told You So" with Joe Torre right now. A few weeks ago I said that Joe should bite down hard and sit Giambi until the end of the year. By continuing to play him, there has been no healing and it looks increasingly like he may be a non-factor the rest of the way. I hope I'm wrong.

2. As for Sheffield, Torre mentioned that the post-season roster may or may not have Sheff right away. It seems as though he's going to see what kind of swings he can put on the ball before promising anything. He alluded to the idea that Gary would be a question mark, but hedged by saying that it was always open to add him in the 2nd round. That is, if the Yankees make the 2nd round. Sheff seemed quite happy and confident, and it looks like he genuinely believes he's about to step into the lineup and start to mash right away. I don't doubt it. Sheffield has an OPS of around .900 with the Bombers and he hardly ever strikes out. About the only way he isn't ready for October is if his K-rate is much higher than his career average. I would suggest that it's unlikely he'll be 100%, but that something 85% or above is better than the alternative. He should probably be on the ALDS roster in that case.

3. The last thing is Derek Jeter. I was watching him get soaked by his younger teammates. It's hard to believe that he's the veteran hero figure now. He was always the young gun that gleamed in the sun, even next to his older teammates. Now, he's approaching the territory in his career when he's start to be revered like Mantle and Dimaggio and other Yankee greats. I'm not saying that he ranks in that league in terms of his production, although he's one of the greatest shortstops to ever play the game, but I think his presence and aura as a Yankee is about to be felt truly for the first time. The rookies in MLB coming in probably idolized Jeter growing up. They will probably meet him on the field before games and stare in sheer awe. In about 4-5 years time, we should be looking at a guy about to enter the 3000 hit club, and the 23 year olds taking pictures with him next to the batting cage. The only thing missing from the following You Tube clip is his fellow Yankees taking the opportunity to chant "MVP" in front of the YES cameras to show how much he's meant to the club.

See you tomorrow. Go Yanks. DEREK JETER...DEREK JETER...DEREK JETER...MVP...MVP...MVP