Friday, September 08, 2006

Off Day Scott Proctor

We caught up with the man Yankees fans call "Everyday" Scott Proctor, as the team enjoyed a day off between series. Canyon of Heroes wanted to get to know the man better, and see what makes him tick. His endurance as a regular part of Joe Torre's relief core makes him something of a lightning rod for fans' ire whenever he gets up to warm, and we wanted to get the scoop directly from the horse's mouth about what it's like to carry such a heavy load. Scott graciously allowed us to follow him around as he made the most of his day away from the ballpark.

5:01 am
COH: Good morning Scott. Thanks for allowing us to catch up with you so early. Why 5am? Don't you deserve a day to sleep in once in a while?

EDSP: No problem. Yeah, it's early, but I'm so busy all the time I hardly get a chance to do the things I really enjoy, so.....early it is.

COH: What's first on the agenda? Massage? Dip in the pool? Waffle breakfast?

EDSP: (laughs) Nah. Nothing like that. I'm a big fan of exercise and I need to get the blood flowing right away. I don't like coffee so some cardio is on the menu. Basically, I run three miles and then do 500 one armed push-ups to get things off to a good start.

COH: 500 one armed push-ups? What on Earth would possess you to do something like that, man? Isn't that a little extreme? How about 25 or 30?

EDSP: Pssshhh....25-30 wouldn't get the blood flowing in this arm, bro. I barely start to feel the burn at 350. It's 500 or nothing as far as I'm concerned.

5:13 am
COH: That was damn impressive. Do you do that everyday?

EDSP: Don't be ridiculous. On throw days I only do about 250. The other 250 come after the bullpen session.

COH: Gotcha. What's next?

EDSP: Well, there's a morning track and field meet this morning at the University of Maryland and my alma mater Florida State University is involved. I always like to support the FSU boys, so let's take a drive over there.

(7 am - EDSP's car)
COH: So, do you like to drive? This is a pretty sweet ride.

EDSP: Yeah, I like fast cars. No automatic for me. I like to get out on the open road and switch gears. Open 'er up. I keep the stick really tight so I have to fight to change gears. It's a workout, but it makes driving much more exciting.

COH: What are you doing with your arm there?

EDSP: Using blinkers is for Sunday drivers. I always use the traditional arm signals. HEY!!! Watch where you're going jackass!!! Can't you see I'm turning right?!!

(8 am - University of Maryland Track)
EDSP: The meet starts at 9 this morning, so I like to go give the athletes a little pep talk. Let's go over and meet them. I know a couple of the guys in the decathalon.

Scott joins a group of young men on the track and laughs it up about the frat scene and the way things were when he was a young man at FSU. The athletes seem genuinely in awe at being around a Major League ballplayer and spend a few minutes asking about pitching and what it's like to play under the pressure of Yankee Stadium. Proctor obliges and in turn asks about how to train to be a top decathlete. The top ranked member of the team takes Everyday Scottie onto the track and schools him in some of the basic skills, including the javelin. He seems to be a natural and takes about 10 throws before coming back to meet me.

EDSP: Phew! Those guys really work hard. Let's hit the stands. The event is about to begin.

I had never been to a track meet before, and I have to say the crowd was extremely energetic. It seems as though FSU students drown out the home crowd wherever their athletes compete. The famous tomahawk was out in force and Scott was out in front of the cheering section leading the chants for what seemed like 3 hours. He love the tomahawk and didn't look at all winded when it was all said and done.

(Noon - Jake's Clam Shack, Baltimore)
COH: So, you like clams? Is this your favorite spot in Baltimore?

EDSP: Yeah, pretty much. The thing I really like about this place is it's kind of action-packed. You really get to enjoy a complete dining experience at Jake's.

COH: How so? What's so action-packed about seafood?

EDSP: Well, you know those places that let you eat for free if you can eat a 10 pound steak? This place let's you eat for free if you can shuck 1000 clams in under 10 minutes.

COH: That's insane. Who the hell would try something like that?

EDSP: See that picture over on the wall?

COH: Yeah.

EDSP: That's me setting the world record with 5,012 clams shucked in 10 minutes flat. I've never paid at Jake's. They hate me.

(2 pm - Baltimore Convention Center)
COH: What's happening here? Card show? Autograph signing?

EDSP: Nah. I try to stay away from signing autographs. Makes my hand cramp up. This is one of my favorite spectator events. The "Over the To
p" arm wrestling championship. It just so happened that we're in Baltimore while this is going on and I called Ticketmaster from the plane. Let's go.

(2:45 pm)
EDSP: Oh YEAH!! Check out how pumped up these guys are! They are totally sick!!! Think you can take them, man?

COH: Me? Please. I could whip their asses. There just juiced up truck drivers with too much time on their hands.

10 time champion Jim "Tree Trunk" Whitman: Yo! Put your money where your mouth is bitch!

COH: Uh.....I was just poppin' off, man. I'm not cut out for arm wrestling. Forget I said anything, okay.

Tree Trunk: Nah, man. I can't let that slide. You're getting hurt. Square up and die!!!

EDSP: Jim, it's my fault. I put him up to it. Let me stand in for him.

Tree Trunk: Scottie. You gotta be kiddin' me, man. This little girl is with you? Okay, it's been a while since I had any real competition. Let's go.

I thought I was going to die. Thankfully, I learned today that Scott Proctor is a real stand up guy. He saved me from my own wise-ass mouth and while he lost the 35 minute bout with Tree Trunk Whitman, he gave it all he had. I saw veins in his arms that I didn't know existed. He didn't seem to hold it against me either. He kind of had a good time.

We parted ways at about 3:30 that afternoon, so he could go to Camden Yards for the team meeting and the first of his 3 bullpen sessions. I gained a friend today, and more than that, I got to experience the flashy lifestyle of a real Yankee. I hope he gets to pitch in every game the rest of the year. He's more than a pitcher, he's an American hero and I hope my kids grow up just like him. See you tomorrow. Go Yanks!!


mehmattski said...

Haha! Now that's a good way to start a morning! Scott Proctor is my hero. Of course, if he were a real man, he'd learn to throw with his left arm so that he could pitch 3 innings every day, rather than just one or two.

Mike Plugh said...

I think he's working on it. He told me his goal was to develop a forkball that he could throw with his left foot.


singledd said...

It is well known that Torre overuses relievers. However, I'm told he listens to his pitching coaches... both Kerigan and Guidry.

These guys aren't dumb. Is it possible they know something we don't? There are many pitchers (many retired) who think today's pitchers don't throw enough. Might the be a 'method to Torre's madness'?

Mike Plugh said...

All I know is Scottie likes to shuck clams, and anyone who can hold the world record can pitch on my team anyday.

Anonymous said...

I made the "Somewhere in Baltimore JHoe Torre is entering Scott Proctor in an arm wrestling contest" last night at the Banter. Plagarizer! Just kidding, funny piece.


Anonymous said...

I caught EDSP hauling lines and cages on a crab boat in the harbor this morning, just thought you'd want to know...


Mike Plugh said...

Sorry Schteeve...

Must have missed that one, but great minds think alike. ;)

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