Sunday, November 04, 2007

Graduate Work

Hey COH fans....if any of you are left.

My grad work has been fairly intense recently and I've all but given up blogging for a little while. I'm trying to find time going forward to keep up with the latest Yankees news and chime in with a few opinions here and there. I'll go with a few quick hits today to keep you busy, and perhaps use this format to stay on top of COH without writing anything too in depth until major news occurs. As my schedule calms down, longer and more in depth work will follow.

1. Torre to LA

It seems our former skipper has landed a sweet 3-year deal to manage in Chavez Ravine and he's bringing Donny Baseball and Larry Bowa along for the ride. Poor Mattingly. He will never, ever, ever, ever get the Dodgers job and it's dubious as to whether he'd ever get any other job either. He's got to stay visible and hope that Joe Girardi will fall on his face, or pull a Buck Showalter and wear out his welcome in the Bronx. I don't see that happening. Torre will have an easier task in Dodger-land staying in the playoff picture. The NL West is garbage and he should have a good enough payroll to stay in contention. The problem is, it's no guarantee with the younger and more talented teams in that division. Those clubs appear to be rising, while the Dodgers have little young talent to speak of and will likely be on the decline. It's possible we see "Clueless Joe" reemerge in LA. He can only fail, really. If he goes to the playoffs, he looks great. If he wins it, he's a genius. If he fails to do anything, he tarnishes his image prior to going into the Hall. I think the latter scenario is most likely and it's not a pretty picture.

2. A-Fraud

I can't even get into the comments that Boras and Alex have been making about their opt out. They are not worthy of consideration as anything but birdcage liner. In my wildest dreams, I wish the Yankees would come out and make a statement that they will never deal with a Boras client again, regardless of his talent or perceived value. That might hurt the club in the short term, and it would almost certainly burn bridges they don't want to burn, but it would also hurt Boras to an extent. It would rob him of one big piece of leverage that he loves to use in any negotiation. It won't happen, but it should. Every fan in the world has had enough of Boras. He shits on the sport more often than he contributes to it (has he ever made a significant contribution to improving the sport?) and his clients end up with sullied reputations when it's all over. Bring in Joe Crede for Damon and wait out Sublett's development.

3. Posada

To me, and I should have trumpeted this at COH for as long as I've been writing, Jorge is the real captain of the Yankees. I love Jeter, but he's not a captain type. Posada is the type of player that makes a great captain in my opinion. He's honorable, hard-working, passionate, a leader (both on the field and in the clubhouse), and he represents the Yankee way as well as anyone I can remember. Frankly, the Jeter personality that people associate with the Yankees is only half the equation. Torre and Jeter were both perfect ambassadors for the team, the organization, and the sport. They are class acts and deserve all the respect we can afford them, but there is also something to wearing your heart on your sleeve and staying in people's face from time to time. Posada is always ready to grab a pitcher in the dugout and lecture him about what he's doing wrong. He visibly cares, and that's the missing ingredient for most Yankee fans who long for Paul O'Neill. Don't long for Paul O'Neill. Posada has been there and he's better than Paul O'Neill. Embrace "Hip-Hip" Jorge. He HAS to be back in 2008 and beyond. We have no one to replace him on the field or in the hearts of the fans. From now on he is the COH Yankees captain...apologies to Jeter.

I'll get back to you all when I have a minute. Chime in at the comments section and let me know what you think. Your comments will help me drive my writing over the next couple of months, so I'm counting on you to support me a bit. See you on the flip. Go Yankees!


ChrisV82 said...

Do you really want Joe Crede? He has a career .259 OBP and 92 OPS+.

Posada, on the other hand, should be given the 4 years he wants, no question. He's earned it, and even if he's only a back up in 2011, it's worth it to have him as a starter and then a fill-in late in his career. The market for catchers is perhaps worse than any other position, so wrap them up when you can.

Mike Plugh said...

No Chris. I really don't want Crede at all, but I don't care who is at 3rd at this point as long as he can field. I wouldn't say that I'm writing off next year, but looking at the big picture I want to keep room for our guys in the minors. Acquiring free agents or making trades uses resources, and I think we can accomplish our goals by building with our existing resources better than taking everyone else's. That is, unless they are a lock first ballot Hall of Famer. That's the exception.

Waiting on Sublett to arrive in 2009.

randy l. said...

i'm with you that jorge should be a yankee captain. the yankees have had co captains before-guidry and randolph ('86-89).
the little problem that we have is that posada may be a met for 2008 and not a yankee. not extending posada in the spring( when three years at 13 million would have sealed the deal) was part of cashman's overall stubborness and arrogance that his overall plan was right despite the win/loss results giving him different feedback.
how cashman approached the posada situation in spring training will be a factor for posada now.
posada is a very tough guy. he didn't complain about cashman. he just went out and had a career year. now cashman and the yankees are going to have to pay.
if cashman and the yankees keep any lingering negotiating stubborness in their approach with posada, he's going to be a met. they need to give him 4 years and +50 million and move on to the next fire to put out. that would be preventing mo from leaving.

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