Thursday, November 15, 2007

Historical Perspective

A thought just shot through my head about the Alex Rodriguez circus.

Fact: A-Rod is a historically important player (Yankee) on the level of Dimaggio, Ruth, and Mantle.

Fact: Every human being, including those players, is plagued by some kind of character "flaw".

Fact: New York is the modern media capital of the universe.

Fact: Baseball is defined as much by its rich tapestry of stories as the results on the field.

I state these premises to illustrate that any of the great players (Yankees) in history, with their personal peccadilloes, would have found themselves in the media circus in exactly the same volume that A-Rod does today had they played in the climate of journalism that permeates the tabloid/ESPN world that is 2007. Dimaggio for his combative and protectionist personality. Ruth for his syphilis, drinking, binge-eating life of excess. Mantle for his alcoholism. These players, by and large, got a break from the good old boys network of players and writers that prevailed in their day. A-Rod is no better or worse a person or player than those Yankees, but is unfortunate enough to live in 2007. Much of the image that A-Rod is burdened to carry with him is of his own creation. He's a phony. I still think, like the Yankees before him, that history may treat him better than present. When it's all said and done, and the day-to-day dig for news is over for him, our view will soften and all we'll remember are the home runs. Hopefully the champagne and championships. Just a thought.


Tano said...

I don't think he is so much a phony as someone who feels the need to erect a phony facade to protect him from the wolves that surround him constantly. I sympathize. I don't know how I would handle such constant scrutiny by so many people whose own character is less than sterling.

He may not have the wonderful character of a Lou Gehrig, but he is probably a better man than the stars you listed. He is clean, very hard working, and a great player. What the hell do people want?

Why wait for the judgement of history? Cut the guy a break already.

RollingWave said...

he is one weird weird guy thats for sure, but hey, i'm not complaining about a super hitter who's main fault is weirdo personality ;) as long as he doesnt have an * next to his name :P

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