Sunday, October 28, 2007


Holy shit. A-Rod opts out according to ESPN. That would appear to be all she wrote for Alex in New York....or at least in the Bronx. Boras is probably gambling on the fact that the Cubs or someone as yet unknown will fork over silly, crazy, stupid money and that the Yankees will cave on their stance to stay out of free agent negotiation with him.

I hope Cashman sticks to his guns and lets him walk. Screw him and screw Boras. They are apparently made for each other. We're truly entering a new era of Yankee baseball folks. I'll be back to write more about this as it happens.


Aaron said...

I'm with you mike, Boras and Alex deserve each other. Let him take his high price tag and drama to another city.

If it's boston then so be it. Let them deal with his crap. I don;t really think he ever fit here anyway.

Time to move on and build a team like the ones from our last dynasty. New Guys coming up as we usher out Jeter in the twilight of his career.

Go Yanks!

Musical Daddy said...

We miss you, Mike! More commentary!

Mike Plugh said...

I'm starting to get warmed up. I'm in the middle of graduate work, so posting is difficult, but this offseason is chock full of important considerations and I'll be here early and often.

RollingWave said...

wow, i love to see what contract he end up getting if he doesn't think the Yankees can pay him enough.

Da YANKEE DON said...

Most imprtantly than a third baseman is that we need a righty power bat to fill in the way Bernie williams used to do inbetween all those leftys

We can chase Torii Hunter or Andrue Jones? but do we really want to do that?

We can use stop gaps Andy Phillips who should be more featured this year with the raw power of Shelly Duncan

But to me we need to pursue that trade of Miguel Cabrera and see if we can Dontrelle Willis to boot

I know he "Miguel Cabrera" gets the moniker of being fat lazy and likes to party and eat too much, but Giardi likes him, and you're not getting any closer to Manny then that and Dontrelle Willis too he's 2 years removed from a 22 game winner Put these guys in a new winning athmospere who knows what they can do, they can revitalize? Guys like Miguel Cabrera dont come along every day! at worse he can DH play 1b or even RF if needed, and you know he can hit!

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