Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a Win, What a World

So many sinkerballs. I felt like that game should have been played below sea level. Wang outduels Webb and Bobby Abreu continues his scorching June. What's not to like. The Bombers are at .500 and are climbing past the pretenders in the wild card hunt. I predict that three weeks from today we will be either tied or in the wild card lead. That day.....Independence Day. The Fourth of July. Write it down.

I was over at MLB.com checking out the updated standings when I noticed something a little funny. At least it struck me as funny. You'll notice that it's hiding in the left margin of this post, inconspicuously. It looks like an ad, but it's there for this comment. "Mike Mussina is pitching today!" I'm not sure that's exactly the sell that the good people at MLB TV were looking for. Yeah, Moose still has something left in the tank and we expect good things from him. Certainly we expect better than the 5+ ERA he's vomited from the mound this season. I don't think anyone ever gets excited enough about a Mike Mussina start that it deserves an exclamation point. "Roger Clemens pitches today!" That I'd understand. Moose, huh? Good luck to you MLB TV.

The other note today is actually posted over at Matsuzaka Watch. It's not baseball related, but I had no place to put it. It's related to good ol' Wacky Japan. Trust me. Go there and ponder the madness......