Monday, June 18, 2007

Chess King

All I can say is, if Wang's slider is that good now, he's unhittable. What he did with the slider against the Mets is uncanny. That's the slider that Matsuzaka had in Japan, and the one he's only had marginal control of since coming to the States. If Wang has his plus fastball, his world class sinker, and can throw that slider.....whatever. I actually thought that Clemens presence in New York may be a good opportunity for Wang to add the patented Clemens Splitter to his arsenal, because I think he could learn it and I think with the sinker it would be devastating. That slider almost eliminates the need, but sinker, slider, splitter would be Cy Young material.


Chih-Ming said...
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Chih-Ming said...

Right on!!

Wang answered a Taiwanese news reporter on a question about his idol Clemens’s comment about him during the game with Peter Gammons that “I enjoy watching Clements pitching, too. There are so many of things I can learn from him as a pitcher!”

In addition to his “ok” changeup, perfect sinker, and Gator’s slider, .I think it will be a dream come true if Wang can learn Mo’s cutter and Clemens’s splitter. I had this dream of him learning slider from Gator and cutter from Mo last year before he got his 19 wins. Above all, winning a WS for Yankees is the most important thing for Wang to accomplish now and in the future.

Watch out Red Sox! Yankees is back!

By the way, thanks for your hard work on Canyon of Heroes. I enjoyed reading your post everyday. Good job!

Chih-Ming said...

Wang also mention that he feels his slider and sinker were painting plate with good “angle” coming in the strike zoon with great late movement. He gave the credits of his slider to Gator and Posada to remind him kept his arm up when throwing sinker in the game. wang feels like his changeup and four-seamed fast ball have kept the hitter off balance when swing at ball most the time.

What surprised me was that Wang was perfectly ok with the decision Joe made to pull him out with one batter left in ninth inn. He said” Of course I wanted to finish the game, but I already lost one point to the previous left hand hitter. Since my arm was tired, I think it was better for the team if I rest.”

steven said...

He getting the sinker inside to lefites and it came back over the plate for called strikes.

He's gonna be scary good

Chih-Ming said...

I will cross my fingers and pray that Igawa pitch well enough to fit in the fifth spot on his second shot of MLB. I have faith on Moose to give us a chance to win as always. No doubt that Andy and Roger will both bring their best A game each time out. I think our bullpen will be ok since our big four are going distance each time they pitch. And wait, not to mention we have Jeter, Arod, Posada, Abreu, Matsui and Damon all launching the long ball and Cano, Cairo, Cabrera doing their thing on defense. Who can say that we are out of the October picture? With the Yankees offence rolling hot, I expect them to end a high note before the All Start Break and carry that momentum and confidence back after the All Start Break.

番薯 eltonic said...
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Ian said...

It's unbelievable to me that Wang was able to develop a slider as good as it was on Sunday in such a short amount of time. He didn't even know how to throw the sinker until a few years ago. This guy has potential to get even better. Scary.

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