Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So Much For Roger

He must be regretting his decision to come back this season every waking moment. He has to be a part of a sad sack team of declining, overpriced guys on their way to Autumn golf, and he is stinking it up to boot. The money is good at least.

It's emblematic of this entire season that Hughes popped his hamstring and Roger came back to a dying club to contribute more ugliness. It's fitting that Johnny Damon's physical decline has become so swift, yet they won't DL him. Abreu is the guy that Philly loved to hate. Cano regressed to the mean that the experts predicted. Mussina is surlier than Randy Johnson ever was and it doesn't seem like he even cares. It's almost like an extraordinarily delayed reaction, in which the predictions about his adjustment to NY made all those years ago are coming true now. He'd rather be in Pennsylvania coaching Little League than dealing with the Bronx.

I'm going to give up on this team soon. I can feel it. It's already half in my head to give up and start thinking about next year. Once I make that move finally, I'll try to get more positive in my posts and focus on what really needs to happen to pick up the pieces and reshape this franchise. The first order of business will be thinking about a fire sale before the trading deadline. The Yankees always buy at the deadline (and they probably will again this year) but I think they should sell. They should sell Mussina to Philly. They should sell Abreu to the Cubs or the Padres or something. They should sell Damon to the wolves. Giambi? Probably unmovable. Anyway, that's for another day.