Monday, June 04, 2007

Abreu for Dye?

Rumors are being floated about a trade between the awful, awful White Sox and the semi-awful Yankees involving Bobby Abreu and Jermaine Dye. At least in terms of name value this looks like a swap of equal players, equally slumping this year. What it is in reality is a stupid trade for the Yankees. Why?

Bobby Abreu
career OPS+ 135
career EqA .311
career RC27 7.46

Jermaine Dye
career OPS+ 109
career EqA .268
career RC27 5.80

That deal is so bad, you'd almost have to draw and quarter Brian Cashman for making it. Look at the EqAs! Both players are struggling. What that means is that both will get it going. When they both get it going, Bobby Abreu will get it going at a much more effective rate than Jermaine Dye. If you make this trade, and both players get it going, you will be the team getting it going much less than the other team gets it going. Got it?