Sunday, May 06, 2007


If there was ever a huge start this early in the season, Wang Chien-min gave it to us today. His performance was brilliant. He rules New York like the Kingpin (to continue my Marvel theme from yesterday), and since Wang means "king", I think we've found our Wangpin. Wilson Fisk move over, the Yankees ace is the baddest big man in New York.


RollingWave said...

Ridiculas performance last night, just abosalute wowzer.

Good things happen when Wang comes up big, let's just hope they can get something out of their 4/5 pitcher ack.

BTW Mike you havn't answered my question, Igawa was a fairly good control pitcher in Japan with a bb/9 well below 2, yet his command in the States have been god awful so far, in fact it's not really the lack of stuff doing him in, it's the inconsistentcy to actually get it where he wants when he wants it that's killing him. is it the different ball? is it his typical slow start? btw , is it possible to look up GB/FB ratios from the NPB stats?

I've seen most of his outting so far, and i can definately see what Cashman and crew were thinking, he does have tick above average fastball for a lefty SP, and when he's actually commanding them the curve and change both look like respectable major league pitches, a mix that should theorically be at least somewhat successful in the MLB, but the command is just ridicuals, and it really doesn't fit with his profile in Japan. so, what is wrong?

RollingWave said...

errr I mean bb/9 below 3 in the last post. his is 2.75 something IIRC while Matsuzaka is actually a little wilder at 3.25 ish. (though both have been getting better obviously as they reach their prime)

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