Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Charm

I'm going superstitious. I'm going voodoo. Anything to get this pitching staff kick started. I abducted Mariano Rivera last night and subjected him to a series of laboratory experiments designed to transform our pitching staff. Fortunately, gamma radiation is not among the list of banned substances in the collective bargaining agreement. Hopefully, this will fire up the rotation and give the rookies the push they need to get us a couple of wins against Seattle.

If this works, I'll be abducting Carl Pavano and reclaiming $6 million of his wasted salary on bionic upgrades. Stay tuned.


Matt said...

In honor of Spiderman 3, shouldn't we have turned Mo into the Sandman? :)

Mike Plugh said...

Good one.

d2 said...

I bet Kei Igawa is going to be a good #4 or at least long relief. I think the only thing he needs is more pitches and some seasoning. Where? AAA of course.

RollingWave said...

Looked like them gamma rays worked for Wang tonight didn't it ? ;)

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