Friday, May 04, 2007

Nothing Left to Do

At this point, all you want to do is throw a hammer through the TV screen. Kei Igawa must go to AAA. Colter Bean must never show his dough-ish frame in Yankee Stadium again, unless it's for someone which point I welcome him. This is a full blown crisis. The sweep in Texas was a product of good pitching. When we get our real Major League starters on the mound we win. Otherwise we are simply humiliated.

Here the plan, phase 1:

Igawa to the pen.
Rasner to the pen.
Bean back down.
Clippard up.

You have to get Igawa out of the mix for now. We just can't afford to watch him pitch up in the zone to Major Leaguers anymore. He and Rasner need to eat innings to keep the regular bullpen members from blowing out their arms. The formula should be, quality starts are rewarded by quality bullpen relief. Less that 6 innings and more than 3 runs gets Igawa or Rasner. The regular guys rest on those days. Bean is finished, but you can bring up Clippard and use him in tandem with DeSalvo as #4 and #5 for a week or two. That brings me to phase 2.

Bring in Clemens.
Make a trade.

It's on Cashman now. He made this f-ed up mess. The fans are upset, the Boss is upset, the pen is overworked. Either Cashman fixes this or he must be held accountable. He made move #1 by firing Miller. He needs to fix the back end of the rotation now. The first thing he needs to do is fly to Houston and offer Roger Clemens $25 million to pitch for the rest of the season. If Clemens doesn't take it, then tell him to piss off. The next move is a trade. Get Jon Lieber. Get Carlos Zambrano. Get Charlie Hough, Carl Hubbel. Get Cy Young himself. It's getting late early with the slop we're forced to field.

The hammer is poised.


RollingWave said...

Mike, you seen Igawa in Japan, what the hell is happening to him? he's control in Japan was exellent, perhaps the best of the bunch of Japanese SP to have arrived in the States, but now he looks like he have no control at all, at least no consistent control . inconsistent location, inconsistent breaking balls (sometimes good break sometimes awful hanging gophers.)

Is it the different ball? is it his customary slow start? or what? his stuff looks good enough to be a good major league pitcher when he can actually locate (solid fastball, good curve good change) but so often it's just not there, arragh the agony of watching him right now.

As for Roger, I dunno man, i had enough of 40+ year old pitchers. as Randy and KB showed us , no one is REALLY ageless, and the Yankees have a knack of picking up those ageless wonder when they run out of steam.

Seriously though , the hammy thing is killing us, 3 strait SP on the DL with hammy issue can't be a fluke can it? this have to be one of the best bullpen we had in years in terms of talents, but the workload will kill any pitcher. We seriously need to get 5 guys starting at least 6 or more every game for a week or two.

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