Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Walking Tall

Only Mike Schmidt hit more home runs over the first 7 games of a season (7) than A-Rod has to begin the 2007 campaign (6). All I could think of was Joe Don Baker in Walking Tall, carrying that gigantic club, dispensing justice the country way. I noticed that there's a remake with The Rock, which couldn't possibly be as good as the original, but made for a good poster mock up here at COH. Just imagine A-Rod carrying that club and metaphorically bludgeoning the boo-birds back into their seats. Metaphorically of course.

Andy Pettitte did his thing. It's too bad that his return to the Yankees had to come in -700 degree weather, or we might have had the pleasure of this kind of outing in our home ballpark. It came at a very good time, as we now have a chance to string together a few good games to put us atop the division. Matsuzaka vs. Ichiro will be the big story tomorrow, and I'll probably be spending most of my time and energy on that game, but a Yankee victory and another A-Rod home run would be most welcome and I'll find the time to put some thoughts together one way or the other. See you tomorrow. Go Yankees!!!!