Friday, April 20, 2007




george said...

The Yanks lack a real SP rotation. Andy Pettite is decent and hoefully Wang comes back strong. But outside of those 2, the Yanks don't have anyone. Moose always is too needy - he can't sit on the bench for more than 30 minutes or its his groin, he is a slave to his routine or so he says, and he seems way too fragile -- man up Moose or stay d f down. Pavano goes on the DL more than he starts. Igawa is still a work in progress. Our starting rotation is in big trouble and if this is any indication of what's to come then the Yanks will fail in the playoffs yet again. Getting Roger Clemens back is key and hopefully he can go 7 or 8 innings. Without Clemens, the Yanks have no hope, with him, they at least have a chance even though the chance is small.

george said...

Can Phillip Hughes be the answer?

Jeff said...

the yanks were slapping the sox starters around, too. without posada, matsui, and damon for a bit.

all is not lost.

sweeps stink, but it is april after all.

fear not.

RollingWave said...

Making judgements in April is just wacked, espically when 3 of your original 5 starters had DL stints anyway.

George, Moose is at least a borderline hall of famer, your comment sounds eerily similiar to the comments on A-rod oh... just a month ago?

The Yanks will be fine, of course there could be the chance that injury plauge that soooo bad that they don't make the playoffs, but that would be historically bad luck that no one can really do much about. in reality, the most likely case will be luck evening itself out as guys like JD Drew and some of the Sox pitching have DL stints as well

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