Saturday, August 19, 2006

Twice as Nice

Okay, down to business. That sucked. I mean, it was great, but it still kinda sucked. Almost 5 hours of 9 inning baseball with a bunch of pitchers throwing batting practice on both sides. Ron Villone's arm was noticeably hanging from a single stringy tendon and he was walking the ballpark, but Torre was seen wiping the sleep out of his eyes in the dugout.

That was four consecutive days and 90 pitches for Ronnie Villone. I wanted to punch Joe. 'Tis but a flesh wound. You'll see him for 3 innings tomorrow.

My Red Sox jab of the day:

Johnny Damon: 6/12, 3B, 2 HR, 4R, 7 RBI, 0 BB, 1K
Coco Crisp: 1/9, 2R, 1BB, 2K

Bobby Abreu: 6/9, 2 2B, 2R, 2 RBI, 3 BB, 2K
Hinske/Pena: 3/14, 3 2B, 1R, 1BB, 3K

One is Johnny Damon compared to his replacement. VORSRP (Value Over Red Sox Replacement Player) = Googolplex.

The other is the guy that could have taken over for the injured Trot Nixon in right, but ended up in pinstripes. Hinske played right in game one, and Pena played game two. I used all their numbers over both games just to give them a boost, but it ended up hurting them. Statistical fairness is not my aim, so there you have it. VORSPO (Value Over Red Sox Patchwork Outfielders) = Googolplex +1.

When all is said and done, we are 3.5 up in the standings (4 in the loss) and happy about the outcome of the two ballgames. The Red Sox join us in exhaustion with the added sting of being humiliated twice in one long day. 3.5 games (4 in the loss) is very nice, but never make the mistake of thinking that the Sox are falling out of it. A hot week and a half will put them back in first if we let off the gas. Time to step on their necks.

The important storyline for the next game has shifted from the pitching duel between Randy Johnson and Josh Beckett, and now quite clearly must be the attrition of the bullpens on both teams. Unit and "Emily Post" Beckett need to go deep into the game to relieve the relievers, if that makes sense. I'll run down the pens to see who's in and who's out for tomorrow in my opinion. The list runs in descending order from least available to most:

Rudy Seanez - unavailable (1.1 innings and 47 pitches yesterday)
Keith Foulke - unavailable (2.0 innings and 42 pitches yesterday)
Kyle Snyder - unavailable (2.0 innings and 39 pitches yesterday)
Julian Tavarez - available but used (2.1 innings and 32 pitches yesterday)
Mike Timlin - available but used (.2 innings and 32 pitches yesterday)
Manny Delcarmen - available, but used (1.1 innings and 28 pitches yesterday)
Craig Hansen - available, but used (.1 inning and 21 pitches yesterday)
Jonathon Papelbon - available (1 inning pitched 8/16)

New York
Ron Villone - unavailable (3 innings and 90 pitches in 4 straight days)
Brian Bruney - unavailable (2.2 innings and 73 pitches over 2 days)
Scott Proctor - unavailable (4.1 innings and 61 pitches over 3 days, 4 games)
Mike Myers - 1 batter (3.1 innings and 47 pitches over 3 games, 2 days)
TJ Beam - available in emergency (1 inning and 26 pitches yesterday)
Kyle Farnsworth - ? (.1 inning and 6 pitches, but injured yesterday)
Mariano Rivera - available (1 inning and 14 pitches yesterday)
Octavio Dotel - available (.2 innings and 22 pitches on 8/17)

The Red Sox are in far worse shape than the Yankees, as their only reliable reliever other than Papelbon is Timlin. He's been bad lately, and was used yesterday and threw 32 pitches. Delcarmen and Hansen seem to be the likely options for Francona to bridge the late innings to Papelbon. I wouldn't trust either of them, especially given that they both threw 20+ pitches yesterday as well.

The Yanks have a rested Dotel, and a fairly fresh Mariano. Farnsworth would also be fresh if his leg is okay. I would anticipate a roster move or two to get more arms in the pen. Ponson should be banished from Yankeeland forever, which will let us get a pitcher from AAA to help out. If we send Bruney down, we can get one more. Maybe a long man, and a guy for the 6th inning.

I have to think that the Yankees will play Nick Green tomorrow. Maybe they give A-Rod the afternoon off to shake off the 9th inning error he made. Maybe Jeter gets a break, although I doubt it. You may even see Giambi at first with Wilson parking himself on the bench. Damon DHs with Bernie in center? I'm just trying to predict Torre's mood. A few guys would benefit from a day off. We'll all be there though. See you later. Go Yanks!

(Matsuzaka Watch has been linked to via Technorati at the Washington Post. In an article about the Orioles interest in Daisuke, you can find the link to me near the bottom at "Who's Blogging". It seems my mockery of the Orioles and their futile pursuit has made it to the highest of the high, albeit indirectly. Please head over and read my newest post about "Pitcher Abuse Points" and the rating for DM.)


RollingWave said...

LOL, with regards to Torre though, one can not fault him of managing like the playoffs these couple of games.... and it's not exactly his fault that Jaret Wright sucked the day before.

Also, Yankees have a card to play, they can and most likely will DFA Ponson like the Sox DFAed Johnson to get one more arm back.. although to be realistic that opened space is probably just for Cory Lidle when he comes back from leave. but that also means they can put Ponson in to get hammered if need be and thank him for his service with a bus ticket afterwards.

I'm pretty sure we will see some starters relieving in this series ( Snyder did already today anyway ) this is as close as it gets to a October in August.

Also, Chien Ming Wang really set the tone and battled his way through this one, Kudos to him big time for his gamer showing

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think Brian Bruney looked like a respectable option for the pen? I was impressed by his stuff and his poise, even if his command was a bit less than ideal.

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