Thursday, August 17, 2006

Get the F&^% Outta Dodge

That's right y'all, el commando
El commando you're in demand-o
-Chuck D (Apocalypse '91, Get the F&^% Outta Dodge)

Just in time for the Red Sox showdown, there's a new sheriff in town. Those of you who have been reading Canyon of Heroes for a while will remember this poster from some time ago:

Well, now the sheriff is back in town and he's a mean mother (shut yo mouth)! Octavio Dotel is the X-factor from now until the end of the season. If he can get back to being bulletproof, there will be no room in this one horse division for the Yankees and the Red Sox, and we've got the best law man this side of Mariano setting up....for Mariano.

Okay, Big Papi....DRAW!!!!!!!!!


RichYF said...

Really wish Torre didn't give him such an early hook last night. How many nights in a row had he pitched up until then? I'm thinking at least two or so. Hopefully Joe realizes this and lets him rest today to prepare for the weekend.

Also, please Joe, for the love of all that is holy and good, give Proctor the Farnsworth treatment from now until the end of the season (no back-to-back outings). He looked fine last night, but fatigue doesn't set in overnight.

rabid stan said...

Looks like Dotel is still knocking off the rust. Even so, I hope Torre doesn't get the idea that he's ineffective or anything. I'd hate to see him get the pre-ASB Villone treatment for the next few weeks.

By the way, the bullpen management today was unfortunate. I can see why Torre held Ponson, and it's great they got 2.1 decent innings from Myers (the Tatis HR doesn't count), but now Villone is burnt for the double header.

What's worse is that Bruney's up instead of Karstens. He could have handled long relief today or started in place of Ponson tomorrow night, saving Villone.

The bullpen was to be an asset for the Yanks against the Sox in the next series: 1 lights out and three good relievers, and possibly Dotel, too. Boston has Papelbon, who's been great, Timlin, who's good but old (and shaky lately), two decent but sub-Proctor pitchers in Delcarmen and Seanez, and two pyromaniacs (Tavarez and Hansen).

With starters like Jason Johnson, Jaret Wright, Sidney Ponson, Jon Lester and David Wells facing patient and powerful offenses, the bullpens are a key matchup. Now the Yanks have lost Villone for two or possibly three games of that series.

Here's hoping that if Dotel has gotten the kinks out against the O's, Torre can look past the results and doesn't consign him to garbage time while Bruney blows two run leads in the 7th.

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