Wednesday, August 02, 2006

King of New York

Another day at the ballpark. The Yankees vanquish the Blue Jays by a nice comfortable score of 7-2. The story of this game? Chien Ming Wang.

I don't know if it's possible for me to write anything else about Wang that I haven't said already. At 26 years old, he figures to be a huge part of our rotation for up to 10 years, should he keep this dominating sinker in his arsenal. Today's ballgame featured an astounding 16-4 GO/AO ratio that boggles the mind. Toronto is an excellent offensive ballclub that couldn't do anything with Wang. He took a shutout through 8 full innings of work before handing it over to "Everyday" Ron Villone, who closed things out after allowing a Troy Glaus 2-run homer to blemish the clean Yankees pitching line. So be it. Wang was not to be denied. He now stands at 13-4 and has lowered his ERA to a very nice 3.58 with his last 22.1 innings of 1 run pitching. Fox Sports (shudder) ranks him at #19 in their "Ranking the Aces" list. The many Yankee fans in Taiwan that visit my blog are undoubtedly double-happy right now as the home team won thanks to their national hero. They'll tell you that the Chinese character for "Wang" means "King", and that's what we have in our young stud pitcher. Hello Taiwan!

Alex Rodriguez went 3-5 today with 2RBIs. Jeter and Posada went yard. Abreu and Wilson were a combined 4-9 (.444/.444/.555) making Cash Money look even better day by day. Yanks still in 1st. No thanks to Cleveland.

The Indians have held two 9th inning leads the last couple of days and allowed the Fenway ghosts to spook them into coughing up the victory both times. That honor goes to resident suckball pitcher, Fausto Carmona. Thanks to his ineptitude, the Yankees do not enjoy a 2 game lead in the AL East. Get back to the basement Fausto. There's cleanup work to be done down there.

In good news, Hideki Matsui is getting close to a rehab stint in Tampa and a quick return to NY. That is, if the doctors okay batting practice. This guy is a gamer and I'm betting he'll be back sooner than you think.

That's it for today. Yanks are on a roll and Boston figures to drop some of their next few games to even out the karmic universe. Lidle up next. See you tomorrow. Go Yanks!


Anonymous said...

Taiwan love you !! thanks~~

Mike Plugh said...

Back at you Taiwan!

Anonymous said...

wow...nice pic hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Wang is not only the King of New York but also of Taiwan!
We love him and proud of him!!
And thanks! We are Taiwan!
We love Taiwan!! ^@^

ami said...

Thank you for the lovely article about Wang!

The feeling of watching him on the mound is so unreal as he has been on a winning streak lately.

Thank you again, Mike.

Anonymous said...

May God bless Chien-Ming Wang,New York Yankee and Taiwan!

God help who help themself!

momo said...


i am going to Toronto next month, and might go to NY to watch ball match. could you help me to know how to get ticket of yakees ? Thanks !!!

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