Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sit and Wait

After an intense 3 weeks of baseball, it's been weird to fish for news amidst this 2 day lull. The Pavano story has been the only real matter of consequence in Yankeeland, and I suppose it would be a stretch to even call it consequential. It's very easy to forget that Sandbag Carl is even on the roster. Hideki Matsui is taking BP these days, which is a big boost for the offense. Not that we need it exactly. The team boosted its run differential from 1.16 prior to the trading deadline to a nice 1.27 after the Abreu deal. The big Red Sox scores have a lot to do with that increase in margin of victory, but either way it is plenty to succeed on most nights. Adding Matsui's bat to the lineup makes us very left handed, but also makes it hard to find an out.


You could stack lefties if you wanted to do so, moving Cano behind Matsui and hitting Cabrera 9th to put a switch hitter before Damon. You could also flip flop Cano and Matsui until Godzilla gets his timing back. It would be quite the story to have Matsui DHing and hitting 9th. The Japanese media would be very curious.

Speaking of the Japanese media, I am in the process of debuting a new blog. Yes, another one. The Canyon of Heroes mother ship has been a fertile ground for Yankee news and info of many kinds, but it has proved to be a clutter when it comes to the dual task of covering the home team and presenting original content on Japanese baseball. To that end, I started Matsuzaka Watch as a way to scout the best young pitcher outside the United States. My new venture is called Baseball Japan. It is going to be your closer look at Japanese players, and stories of interest from the Land of the Rising Sun. I'll do my best to talk about the best players and those who may impact Major League rosters one day. I'll also be touching on a variety of uniquely Japanese baseball items that you may simply find interesting. Keep visiting the blog and give me feedback about the things you want to know more about. I'll do my best to listen to the audience and give you what you want. It's still a work in progress, but you'll find a more well-rounded blog in about a week or so. For now, go visit.

See you tomorrow. Go Yanks.